The white people played in the most Hongkong/Japan action-kungfu movies as the ugly poor villainous characters?

– The Boxer from Shantung Hongkong Shaw Brothas 1972, where Gary Chen Kwan Tai had beaten up a russian white boxer in black and blue
– Shatter Hongkong Shaw Brothas 1974, where Ti Lung had provoked Stuart Whitman into a duel
– Game of Death Hongkong 1972 Golden Harvest, where Bruce brokes up the arm of that white…

Funny how some Chinese rag on white people being racist, yet the Chinese culture of racism is 100% anti-black and anti-foreigners.

It’s stereotyping influenced by history.
China has been invaded by the British empire so they generally always portray them as villains or intruders.

i don’t get how that would be asian pride toward the whites but i guess its just Asian stereotyping White people as always being the bad guy for obvious reasons

but all the super saiyans end up looking like this yes?…

they try to make their people look good

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