Since when Is ” Small Government” Nation Building? What Small Government Builds Nations?

I’ Can not understand how Republicans support things that are raising the national debt threw the ceiling, but turn around and say their worried about their grandkids? If your so Worried about your grandkids, wouldn’t you say to yourself? The Bush Tax Cuts Have been around for 9 years, and we’ really…

Republican members of Congress have shown themselves to be without credibility (starting with the 98th Congress up to now), caring only about what will keep them in elected office to the detriment of the general public. Lining their personal pockets with money from destructive tax cuts for the rich, further enriching their friends and families, starting and supporting unnecessary wars and oppressive (military) regimes who agree to purchase American made weapons and supplies, while at the same time, condemning American citizens who are in urgent need of assistance, to hell. Elected Republicans and many of their supporters are petty, evil and mean spirited people, who when speaking of “our grandchildren” speak solely of THEIR grandchildren–not yours. In my view, these people have no true love for the country or the American people that they so often refer to when making sweeping statement about their “mandate”, and are in fact, the true enemies of democracy, freedom and opportunity for all.

strong military = freedom….why don’t you whine about actual wasteful spending…

Nation building is what it is but it certainly is not what is destroying our economy or expanding our Federal Government. See link below. In fact, see all three links below.


Let’s apply your logic to something a little less complex than economics:

I had pancakes for breakfast today. It is raining now.. I guess that proves eating pancakes causes rain.

The existence or non-existence of the “Bush Tax Cuts” had no more to do with the economic meltdown than my eating pancakes had to do with it raining. The economic meltdown was due to massive fraud in the financial sector. Liars loans, marketing the same mortgages in multiple Mortgage Backed Securities, predatory lending practices, democratic initiatives to put people in homes they could not afford. A flawed monetary policy, and ineffective oversight by the SEC and FED all stand as root causes for the financial meltdown. Bush’s Wars, Nation-building etc. and runaway spending (being continued by Obama) are hastening the decline of the dollar but not a direct cause of the current financial crisis.

Small government is nation building because the smaller the government the less government spending, and the more free the people, and the more profitable the people.

Larger governments like the roman empire, soviet Russia, and the British Empire tends to collapse under their own weight, and their over spending.

“If the government is sluggish and tolerant, the people will be honest and free from guile. If the government is prying and meddling, there will be constant infraction of the law. Is the government corrupt? Then uprightness becomes rare, and goodness becomes strange. Verily, mankind have been under delusion for many a day!” ~ Lao Tzu

“As restrictions and prohibitions are multiplied in the Empire, the people grow poorer and poorer. When the people are subjected to overmuch government, the land is thrown into confusion. When the people are skilled in many cunning arts, strange are the objects of luxury that appear.” ~ Lao Tzu

To me, smaller government equates to a government that is lean and efficient enough to manage it’s own affairs while being available to assist other countries. A bloated government, with hundreds, if not thousands of agencies and committee, unchecked budgets and wasteful practices, cannot be a meaningful, effective and responsible country on the world stage.

both parties, but mostly the Republicans speak out of both sides of their mouths. They only mean what they say when it suits them

No one said nation building was small Government. Conservatives not republicans do not support nation building

Wall of Text. Learn grammar.

Once upon a time there was this little old place called the 13 colonies…

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