NRHH Poll – Are skinny jeans gay?

Im da best maynne… i deed it.

Depends. I think people who started wearing colorful acid-washed skinny jeans that are sagged with a studded belt, when the New Boyz came out, are queer. I have a black friend who listens to death metal and has been wearing them since he was 12. And he just wears regular skinny jeans, doesn’t sag them, and he’s a very skinny guy himself.

If you wear them because you like them and aren’t trying to be a clone, it’s fine with me. If you dress a certain way because everyone else is doing it, I think that’s lame.

i grow to be thinking an identical element. persons are shallow & judgemental. a great form of adult men positioned on dishevelled or loose installation clothing so as that has grow to be the norm & if somebody is going against that i.e. via wearing skinny denims then they criticize that individual via asserting they are are “gay” Its in basic terms a freaking variety human beings & it does no longer mean sh*t bout a persons’ sexuality. adult men who positioned on them could circulate out in public with them & no longer care what others think of. If every physique insults you in basic terms stick up you’re midsection finger & scream fu*ok you haha poll: I have been given a crappy motorola

Yes they are it’s a fad that needs to die . We have guys buying WOMANS jeans to make them super skinny . This is GAY. Baggy Jeans and sagging was a much better fad . No you have skinny jeans so tight you can’t run and your sagging . I tried it once and my balls hurt the next day. Seriously…

Man, that would suck @$$ to wear jeans like that, you could use that sh*t for torture against me.

Ok , if you wear them every single day , && they’re are tighter than mine (cuz ibe wearn tight skinny jeans) , you’re a guy
guess wat the answer will be . . .

No, jeans don’t have a sexuality.

I don’t think they look good, if that’s what you’re asking, but they’re not “gay”.

If they pants are tighter than mine, no can do.

Lol @ ……’s link. That is the gayest sh*t i’ve ever seen smh.


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