My boyfriend WILL NOT stop playing video games?

For example, today so far, he’s played some video game on his laptop for nine and a half hours straight. We live together, and he does this almost every day that we aren’t at college. He makes messes and won’t clean them up, and expects me to do everything. Ugh, what should I do?

Hm… An addiction to anything is only an addiction if it interferes with regular life. Has it been recent or long term? Might have been a special event or guild week. You are a part of his regular life now but your not going to spend all hours together – How many are you together? Apart? I take your not content as you’ve posted but talk to him is the best this forum should give you. There isn’t anything that says this is beyond a miscommunication or just a guy who needs a clue. Oh, and please don’t start it with, “Can we talk?” Ah man, its hard to come up with anything better. Try, “I’d like to talk about your gaming.” Good luck.

As for the messes, have a roommate chat. State you need to have a chat about your apartment (?) and have one. Is “Won’t clean them up,” something he actually says or is he just a buffoon like many (of both sexes) are and don’t see the mess. If you feel your expected to do everything address that in your chat. On the off chance he is a s.o.b. and tells you do everything then move out.

A lot in life happens from just starting a conversation.

Leave him alone. You should start playing video games too instead of nagging. If I were a guy I’d dump a girl who nagged me about my video games.

@Crazynut, you’re a *****.

@OP: yeah you can either try to play the game with him, or get him another game that is less addicting. In other words, MMO and open world games are highly addictive ,you should get him a singleplayer campaign….

if hes addicted to the game and you really try to tell him to stop it will cause an argument.

when my boyfriend was addicted to a game and i wanted to get him off it, i used to watch and wait till hes done lots of important things in the game and didnt save it and i used to go downstairs and turn the electric off so he used to lose everything he done. then turn the electric back on straight away, you dont want him to find out you’re the one to blame for the things he didnt save on the game and dont do that too often. just say “omg what happened?!”

he will stop playing eventually, trust me 😛

Put your blimming foot down and tell him to get off. It’s okay for him to have a little time to himself sometimes, but if he’s going to be in a relationship, he needs to take on the responsibility.

Rip open his pants and start blowing! Or you could threaten to leave him, or take his stuff away. In the end you could leave him. Just remember my motto, blow first, suck later and everything will be ok.


Kick him to the curb

You sould try to sit down and have a little talk with him… explain to him how you feel. If this doesn’t work….your screwed.

Hide his laptop, if he ever leaves it

stop going to him. avoid him until he comes to you. once he asks you what’s wrong… have sex with him. then he should snap back into reality

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