My 14 month old son wont keep his diaper on. Should I begin potty training?

He is usually very hot. So when we’re at home, in our room, we keep only his diaper on.
As soon as he goes potty, he’ll take his diaper off and throw it in the garbage. [Yeah, even when he poops.]
He hates the thing on. But he never shows me when he needs to go. So I fear for the rugs. >_<

You can try introducing him to the potty….each kid is different, so he may be starting to show early signs…my daughter did at 15 months. Put him on the potty to let him get a feel for it, but don’t expect too much right now. As for taking the diaper off…have your tried putting it on backwards so that the tabs are in the back? We had to do that to our daughter…we also put those plastic diaper covers (used for potty training) over her diaper so she couldn’t take them off. Hope this helps.

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