Life goes by to fast!!!!!!!!?

I think that life goes by to fast we need to slow it down so we can enjoy it more who agrees?

life goes fast of you’re not doing something more worthy. thats why tere’s a saying that live life to the fullest coz you never know when you’ll die. and to not fear death but fear an unlived life!

Well, I can’t say that I agree with you because a) you can’t “control” how fast life goes. b) In order to enjoy life, you have to learn to enjoy others, and you don’t have to slow life down. and c) The reason life goes by fast, is that we are so terribly busy.

life does not go anywhere, life is not in motion at all.

If by that you mean that our existences pass by too fast, well, we can only improve our health and conditions so that we can enjoy life to the full.

Also, the nature of experience makes it look like time is running fast, to simply put it, if you are enjoying something very much, time seems to go by really fast but if something is very boring, then, time seems to stand still!

You are so right. Here is a verse by Henry Twells that says it perfectly:

When as a child I laughed and wept
Time crept
When as a youth I waxed more bold
Time strolled
When I became a full grown man
Time ran
When older still I grew
Time flew
Soon I shall find on passing on
Time gone
Christ will thou save me then! Amen.

Isn’t that wonderful?

you cant slow life down, this is life, yes i know life is going very quiclky, so we should enjoy every oppurtunity that we have, if you havent thought of that yet, you might wanna NOW!!

it goes by fast when your enjoying it

life is going by so fast. it’s already april for goodness sake!

Wow you are so right.
It feels like yesterday that I was in Y7 (7th grade, whatever) and now I leave in 4 weeks (before 6th form though).

I never thought I’d say this but…..I never wanna leave school

Yes, sometimes i would think like a fairy, that would live happily ever.. or maybe just hope to have a happy ending.

I though life was suppose to be a roller coaster?

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