How can i get rid of our nieghbors dog?it “goes” in our back yard!&makes a hole for him to go in&out!read more

We tried everything! our nieghbors dog digs a hole under thier fence and makes its way out of thier home and into ours!and then it even gets worse it poops in our back yard and once its done it leaves!!its a cute dog though but we need to get rid of it!we even put hard brocks on it hole but some how it has its way…

i like what bob said, someone i know had the same problem and what they did was get a shovel, and fling the poop on the side of their house. they had to clean it. it was their dogs poop after all.

this should not be your problem. its not about you blocking the dog from coming in, it is about your neighbor controlling their dog. if they dont know inform them and if they know and dont care, fling the poo. fling it! =)

or you could buy them a leash that plugs into the ground then they have noooo excuse at all. that way there is no neighbor wars. only a few dollars right?
well, hope you get the problem solved.

I had a similar experience and filled the hole(s) with chunks of concrete; it worked completely. My dog began helping in digging, bad peer influence – hoho. It’s a habit that can be stopped, they are ‘children’, after all.

Nothing like a peaceful solution, if this doesn’t work, try tossing a can of stones to startle the dog.

Do you own or rent? If you own, you can take the owner to small claims court & if you rent you can demand your land lord “in writing” to resolve the problem,if he doesn’t comply within 30 days,you have the right to with-hold rent,in an “Escro Account”.Either way you have rights!!!

Go to the Home Depot pesticide section and they have a spray you can use that is obtrusive to dogs and cats to keep them off your furniture. Just spray it wherever you want to keep the animal away from.

I have the same problem with a couple of neighbors who enjoy using my lawn as the “neighborhood doggie toilet”. I spread moth crystals around the perimeter of my property and it’s seems to be working.

whell my dog does that too he goes in peoples yard and especialy ur neghbors so they wrote us a note and told us to keepour dog out of they’re yard so I think u should write them a note and if u go to BigLots the store there is this spray can that sprays a chemical that dogs dont like

I have seen people in my area put colored watered in the empty plastic milk jugs…gallon size and place them around their yard. It is supposed to repel dogs…..peple swear buy this….if this doesn’t work…get a pit bull 🙂

That’s the first I’ve heard it…but I’m guessing Buk..

here is what you do you pick up the feces and put it on their front step and when they ask you why you did it be upfront and tell them or go over to them before the dog does it again and tell them but you have to be upfront


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