How can eat meat ever again?! Vegan tips please?! Help!?

Http:// after watching this video, i decided to seek other more humane ways of killing animals for human consumption… such as halal… then i saw this

i am going to try my best to pursue a vegan diet… its not going to be eazy because…

Whatever people say about this not being the norm is totally untrue. Animal Aid put hidden cameras in eight random slaughterhouses around the country and recorded what went on there. Six out of eight of them showed disturbing and sickening amounts of needless cruelty. And even if they didn’t, there is no humane way of killing these animals. It is still murder. People who eat meat just say this to convince themselves they’re not doing anything wrong. So obviously, after watching something like this, it’s natural for people to want to lead a vegan lifestyle like I did. Especially when you realise a huge amount of cruelty still occurs in the dairy industry such as baby cows being separated from their mother and either slaughtered or bred for producing more milk all so they don’t drink any of their mothers’ milk.
Luckily, there are still many things you can eat including bread, pasta, rice, many cereals, beans, lentils, nuts. As well as obviously fruits, vegetables and fungi such as mushrooms. There are alternatives to milk such as soya milk, almond or rice milk. You can use tofu instead of cheese and there is even vegan chocolate. Houmous is, thank god, something i can still eat as I love it. Vegan foods contain hardly, if any cholesterol as well as carrying many other health benefits. so after all this, the question really is: Why on earth would you not become a vegan? It may be hard for you at first, especially if you’re used to a lot of meat in your diet. I suggest you first cut out meat, get used to that and then gradually cut out your dairy and egg consumption instead of all in one go as it could be quite a shock to the system. Good luck!

try the soy ice cream. I’m not vegan, just vegetarian (for now), but i am lactose intolerant, and ice cream affects me the most with it, so i tried the soy ice cream, i think it was called soydelicious or something like that… and omg it was the best thing i ever tasted it, it was better then the dairy stuff. Just give up one thing at a time, say this month give up ice cream, and when you complete that go on to the next problem area. Finding things to replace it with helps too. Perhaps getting the molds, and freezing home made fruit smoothies or juice would be a good replacement for the ice cream, it would be sweet, healthy and a frozen treat like a popsicle. The cheese part, i don’t know, for me it would take a lot more will power then i currently have… but i’m working on it. They do have soy cheese and what not, perhaps that could help. Or take some time, sit down and think about all the reasons why you want to go vegan, and maybe that will help motivate you enough to help you pull through. or you could set goals and reward yourself for completing them, like 1 month with out ice cream and you’ll buy yourself something you want, and gradually work your way, each month you could get something better/bigger or what ever. Good luck! You can do it if you put your mind to it. You’ll feel so much better for it in the end, because of how hard it is to do, it’ll make it even more worth it!

To be honest, I’ve been vegetarian for coming up to 4 years. Yeah you miss it at first, for like a week or two but then you get used to all the meat substitutes like Quorn & Soya 🙂

Also, I’ve had friends that have watched similar videos and for about a week they wouldn’t eat anything that came from an animal but they got over it and started to eat meat again.

There isn’t a humane way of killing animals and even though I’m vegetarian I can’t argue with the fact that in order for the human race to grow healthily on the planet we do need to kill animals otherwise we could end up with an Animal Farm situation 😉

Speaking of George Orwell I would recommend you read Animal Farm because you will end up hating pigs SO much you’ll want to inflict as much pain as possible onto them…

However if you want to become Vegan have a look at these websites, they’ll be plenty of support and help for you:

I hope this helps, good luck! 🙂 x

You can do so many things. If you are a vegan tho, you cant eat sea food….or milk or eggs. Anyhting that is or COMES FROM an animal.

You can put just about anything on a tortilla tho.
You can eat hummus, veggie burgers (you can easily make your own). Beans are also so versatile that you can make a lottt of things out of them.
Type ‘vegan recipes’ in youtube.

Being a vegan you cant eat any meat or seafood or anything made from animals (milk, cheese, eggs, butter etc), Honey is also out of the question.
The best thing i can do is advise you to check out
Everything you want to know is on that site!

Vegetarians do not buy or consume animals.
Shellfish are and prawns are animals, as are fish.

Vegans are vegetarians who also don’t:
buy or consume eggs, dairy, honey, or foods containing them,
buy or wear fur, leather, silk, wool, or clothing trimmed in them,
buy or use consumer products from companies whose distributors conduct animal toxicity tests,
or frequent zoos, circuses, rodeos, aquariums, or other venues where animals are held in captivity or forced to perform for profit.

What you see in these videos is NOT the norm. There are videos of parents abusing their children, does that mean all parents abuse their children? Of course not. Many people watch a video like Earthlings and assume this is just how its done on farms and in slaughter houses. Well its not. I have personally been to a slaughter house and been to many farms and even worked on a farm. It doesn’t happen like what you see in those videos. What you see in those videos is the worst of the worst. Just like seeing a video of police abusing prisoners, while what you see in the video did happen, its not the norm and very rare.

Muscles and Oysters are OK but not prawns – they can feel pain.

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