Help! My wife keeps scaring our daughter and ruining her childhood?

My wife has officially lost her f***ing mind. We have a 6 year old daughter and she’s currently in the process of mentally scarring her for life. Today we both took her to the park to play with her friends. They were playing tag and one little girl started singing ring around the rosie and my daughter started…

Go to a mental ward and see if they know whats happened and if they can stop it.
You and Your Daughter go out for the day have fun, to take all the horrid stuff that’s crawling threw her tiny brain slow down and made forgotten. Shes a child and doesn’t have to be told the things your wife is telling her. Have a sit down with your wife and say, shes a child, she will learn about things in the future. Then bring your daughter in and let the child speak to her mum and say what she doesn’t like about the way she is speaking to her.

Hope it gets better!

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