Hello basketball section. Who do you think is the best NBA player ever,and why?

Please answer seriously, and say why

MJ is the GOAT.

Well let’s look at some of the candidates first.

1. MJ (6 Titles, 5 League MVP’s, 6 Finals MVP’s, Career Leader in PPG Regular Season and Playoffs, and Most Points in Playoffs, etc)
2. Magic (5 Titles, 3 League MVP’s, 3 Finals MVP’s, # of APG titles)
3. Kareem (6 Titles, 6 League MVP’s, 3 Finals MVP’s, Career Points leader)
4. Russell (11 Titles, 5 League MVP’s)
5. Wilt (2 Titles, 4 League MVP’s, 1 Finals MVP)

6. Bird (3 Titles, 3 League MVP’s, 2 Finals MVP’s)
7. Shaq (4 Titles, 1 League MVP’s, 3 Finals MVP’s)

So if we break it down, let’s go by the following:

League MVP’s
6 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
5 – Michael Jordan
5 – Bill Russell
4 – Wilt Chamberlain
3 – Larry Bird
3 – Magic Johnson
3 – Moses Malone

Finals MVP’s
6 – Michael Jordan
3 – Magic Johnson
3 – Shaquille O’neal
3 – Tim Duncan
2 – Kareem
2- Bird
1 – Wilt
1 – Moses Malone

11 – Bill Russell
6 – Michael Jordan
6 – Kareem
5 – Magic
4 – Shaq
4 – Duncan
2 – Wilt

Career Stats and Records – Regular Season
APG Leader: Magic
RPG Leader: Wilt
All-time Career Points Leader: Kareem
All-time PPG Leader: M.Jordan

Playoff Stats and Records – Playoffs
Total Assists Leader: Magic Johnson
APG Leader Playoffs: Magic Johnson
Total Rebounds Leader: Bill Russell
RPG Leader Playoffs: Bill Russell
All-time Career Points Leader Playoffs: M.Jordan
All-time PPG Leader Playoffs: M.Jordan

So currently the only players that fit the bill in each category are both MJ’s.

Now if you add the fact of Defensive Teams that would eliminate Magic. However, I won’t do that to him because he is my 2nd favorite player.

Now if you want you can add in the TSN MVP award as well

7 – Michael Jordan
6 – Kareem
4 – Wilt
4 – Russell
2 – Moses
2 – Shaq
1 – Hakeem
1 – Magic



So Kareem has the most league MVP’s, MJ the most Finals MVP’s, and Russell the most titles.

MJ is near the top in all of them though as is Russell, but Russell doesn’t have the numbers to support him.

Also consider

Kareem won League MVP and Finals MVP in 1971
Magic won League MVP and Finals MVP in 1987
MJ won League MVP and Finals MVP in 1991, 1992, 1996 and 1998.

Now all of that is looking at accolades, so how do we go even further in deciding who is the best as we can’t just use titles alone. Well what did they did yearly and in the playoffs?


The Playoffs is where you make your name and where greatness is defined. But MJ was more consistent and holds records as well such as:

Highest PPG Average: 30.12
Most seasons leading league in Points: 11
Most scoring titles: 10
Highest PER Efficiency: 27.91

Also, MJ is no doubt the greatest playoff performer and IMO he was the greatest Road Player Ever. Most of his greatest feats happened on the road.

As far as the playoffs go, here are a few things that stuck out in my mind:

Most Points Per Game (min. 25 games)
33.4 by Michael Jordan (179 games)

Most Points in a Game
63 by Michael Jordan

Most 50 Point Games
8 by Michael Jordan

Most 40 Point Games
38 by Michael Jordan

Most 30 Point Games
109 by Michael Jordan

Most 20 Point Games
174 by Michael Jordan (he played 179 playoff games and scored under 20 only 5 times)

These players all lost these series with Homecourt advantage which means they were the favorite. If someone was injured like a main star then that factors in, but if not that doesn’t factor in the discussion.

MJ never lost a series with homecourt advantage/better seed/better record. What does that mean, well he was the only superstar to never lose a series in which his team was considered the favorite and better team. All the other legends lost series.

My serious answer is there is no GOAT.

I’d like to once and for all figure out if there is, but no one player has it all.

I was on the Jordan bandwagon like everyone else, then you look at Kareem. who has more MVP’s, same amount of rings and measures up interms of accomplishments.

Then there’s Magic Johnson. Who’s offensive style truely made everyone else better and led some of the best offensive teams of all time. Won 5 championships and led his teams to 9 finals appearances against 5 legit title teams (76ers, Pistons, Celtics, Blazers, Rockets).

Larry Bird is probably the best all around player ever. He was an exceptional scorer, shooter, passer, rebounder and even made an all defense 1st team, despite his rep as a bad defender. His teams were great when he was on the floor and tanked when he wasn’t.

Then there’s Hakeem who in opinion is the most skilled offensive center of all time and the most dominant defensive player ever. Led Houston to a championship with no all-stars or future hall of famers in 1994 and then led a 6th seed to a title in 1995. All while dominating some of the the best big men of all time (Shaq, Barkley, Malone, D. Robinson, Patrick Ewing).

Then there are the guys of the 60’s like Russell who was the center piece of 11 championship teams with 5 MVP’s, Oscar Robertson who averaged a triple double for 5 seasons and Wilt Chamberlain who dominanted on an individual level I’m sure will never be surpassed. They are in the discussion as well, even if they did flourish in a some what unbalanced competitive era.

So while I’d like to say one guy is the best, it’s almost impossible.

everyone is gonna say mike but im gonna try and take you to another direction Erving MAGIC johnson 19.5 ppg 11.3 apg 7.2 rpg 2 spg .520 fg% in 13 sesons, he had 5 championships in 8 years 3 mvps in 4 year span 12 time all star and he was forced to retire at 31 for his HIV/AIDS and his last FULL season b4 he had to call it quits he won the MVP so he was still in his prime and winning win he was forced out of the game, 31 with 5 championships, MJ23 won 3 titles after he was 32, also magic played all 5 spots on the floor and played in an era with larry bird who won 3 titles and 3 mvps just sayin ( its prolly mike but you gotta think what if magic didnt get sick)

I wont be surprised if a bandwagoner LeBron fan says “LeBron James”

Quite simple, Michael Jordan was the greatest NBA player for his consistency, winning and just overall greatness.

Wilt Chamberlain by a mile. Seems like this question gets asked every hour. Scroll down to the previous asker to see some of the reasons why Wilt was better than MJ.

People say MJ MJ I am sure most of them didnt watch his plays, I can tell you the truth kobe bryant is the best player ever played, I dont care stats kobe ****** MJ on the court

Micheal Jordan
He won the scoring title, mvp and defensive player of the year in the same year!

Frickin since everyone gives a big sh!t about rings then frickin Brian Scalabrine is frickin amazing cause he has 2 rings.

Kobe..I never saw Jordan play. I’m 15

Why is this question even being asked, this is ridiculous. MJ. no argument needed, no one comes close or ever will.

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