Girls and liking gay guys?

Not to be mean, but there is this gay guy at my school. All the girls like him. I always ask myself why? So why is it you girls like gay guys so much?

I am late on this question but i will answer anyways.
I have so many gay friends. I like them because I can talk to them about boys and they don’t mind it but if i would do that with a straight guy he would look at me like i was crazy. They listen to what girls have to say and girls don’t have to worry about them coming on to them because they are gay. I have so many reason but i don’t feel like listing them all.

First, you should consider that only 20% of the gays could be labelled as acting like girls. Do they like masculine gay girls? That is the same answer that you should have if you are hetero. They like girls and boys being open-minded with them, usually with a great sense of humor and whatever comes with being attracted to a person at a friendship level. So! You or the gays might be attracted to the same girls at a friendship level. Of course, the best friends for gay males are those being very open-minded which is something not very much important for conservative heteros.

Girls don’t have to be concerned with the gay guy coming on to them, no worries about relationships or sex or anything, he may share more interests with girls, etc. I am a gay guy and I have a lot of friends that are girls. Most of my friends are female. And for these reasons, I believe. I do share a lot of interests with them.

Gay guys make girls feel so fabulous about themselves. They compliment you, give you advice, and make you laugh. The best part it, you know they are not into you sexually, so there is no pressure. You can just be yourself and relaxed. And even though he is gay, it still feels good when a man says you are beautiful, and since he gay you know he isn’t just trying to get you into bed, he really means it.

Used to have a friend that pretended to be gay. Worked as a hair dresser, practiced effeminate moves in front of a mirror!!! He had more women that he could keep up with. They fu**ed him until his health was threatened. He couldn’t escape them. A totally successful dating strategy!

gay guys are guys but they relates to girls so much. i love gays too. they can be close to girls in many ways and they are still guys and can tell girls about guy’s stuff<3 they are soo much fun

I think that girls like gay guys because they are harmless, and they can’t do anything to hurt them or something like that.

Well, gay guys are sensitive and they listen to our problems and actually care. And they are nice and most of the time very flirtatous and make you feel special.

I know how you feel. Theres this guy named Meikel at my school who’s gay [everyone knows it] and tons of girls like him. He’s one of my realllllly good friends so I can understand why girls must like him. I think part of it might be that they just like someone to stare at without them totally freaking out or something like that.

gay guys understand girls better than straight guys…they share our pain =)

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