Dont you think Hillary is pissed off after the Sarah Palin annoucement?

Imagine being the first women president, you automatically will be the most read about president of the century. Hillary wanted this, she knows in 2012 if she has to face Sarah one on one after her being Vp for 4 years experience goes out the window and it will be another hard election for Hillary, isn’t hilary mad

No. She is probably laughing her head off at Mccain’s senior moment choice. The white house is as good as ours now…


it fairly is an extremely undesirable thought from Coale. The Clintons are very influential people of their very own circle and could desire to have sufficient people to help out to pay down her debt. Sarah Palin’s SarahPAC funds are donated from people who help HER and HER in basic terms. Meg Stapleton, her spokesperson, reported that people provide her $5, etc. whilst they have been scraping by using, however the genuinely desire to make a contribution to her and could proceed to deliver interior the subsequent month etc (hear to link under). How unhappy they could sense if she dumped the money on Clinton, between the richest people in DC. She became into clever to think of it by using and say no to it.

Hillary is secretly relieved!

Mike Murphy, on Meet the Press a few weeks back said that Hillary was likely to vote for McCain. He said “I’ve known Hillary for a long time and she’s going to want some experience in the White House.”

I watched Hillary’s speech at the convention, and then read the transcript.
Some of you just dont get it. She HAD to sell Obama to stay viable in her party. Read all the speeches at the Democratic National Convention.
Here are the omissions from Hillary’s speech that are common amongst others.

He will be a great president.
He is ready to be commander in chief.
He is ready to lead.
Change we can believe in.
We are who we’ve been waiting for.
and if those aren’t enough, go to her speech, click on “Find on this page” and type “Judgement” and what do you get? “TEXT NOT FOUND”.
Just to be sure, go back and type “judgment” and what do you get? “TEXT NOT FOUND”.

“Judgement!” If there’s one word that would have helped remove my doubts about her opinion, that was the one. That’s the word that all “true” Obama supporters use.

Hillary is smarter than you guys. lol

No, I don’t think so. Hillary knows the baggage she carries but would have been a good support for Odumber. The problem is the white house is not big enough for the ego of barrack, hillary and bill.

Why should she? Hillary will stage a come back in 2016!

Get a clue.

It’s over. Biden is the next VP. Hillary was probably laughing as hard as the rest of us, scratching her head and asking herself out loud, what the hell is wrong with McCain, is he off his rocker? ROFL…. I laugh because there are people like you that actually still believe this was a good pick.

Hillary isnt mad at Mccain/ Palin, she is mad at the democratic NOBAMA campaign that screwed her repeatedly….. Hillary is just kissing nobamas azzzz now… she has to for her own sake!!!

Hillary is happy about it, Obama’s chances of being elected just fell to zero!

Palin couldn’t carry Hillary’s purse around for her. LOL

Why? She will have far more power for a far longer period in the Senate than she would as VP. And, six months from now no one will remember Palin’s name.

Actually I believe she’s already commented on it and I believe her comment was a favorable one.

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