Does a Jesus Fish Offend Non-Christian?

I’m looking to get a tattoo of a tiny Jesus fish on the side of my middle finger. Someone brought up the point that if I go to shake hands with a non-christian and they see the tattoo, they would be offended. I just really wanted a second opinion so any thoughts anyone??

A tattoo on your finger might also turnoff a future employer.


Ehh, they probably wouldn’t care. That being said you should probably get the fish tattooed somewhere less visible. Tattoos on the hands and other visible areas are frowned upon in the business world and could knock you out of the running for many jobs

I think it really depends on the person, and how opposed to Christianity they are. If they don’t like it, then don’t hang around them. The tattoo is an expression of your religion, there’s nothing wrong with that πŸ™‚

No, why would they? It’s not like you are forcing them to convert to your religion.

Edit-If they do they might be a tad bit off anyway so them starting something with you over a tattoo on your finger may help you steer clear of nut cases. πŸ˜€

I’m a Buddhist and I honestly would not care. No intelligent person would be angry to see that; you might get grief from some of the (less intelligent) atheists out there, but 99% of people would not care.

The only thing that bothers me is the act of eating animals and the preachy Christians who eat them. A fish is a sacred animal – they all are.

You are definatly not Christian (Leviticus 19:28) β€œβ€˜And YOU must not make cuts in YOUR flesh for a deceased soul, and YOU must not put tattoo marking upon yourselves. I am Jehovah.

I dont understand.. what is a jesus fish?

I don’t see why it would. And if it does, maybe it’s not someone you should not be shaking hands with anyway. The self-proclaimed ‘atheists’ of the internet usually call themselves that simply because they choose to exhibit contempt prior to investigation, which never fails to keep human beings in ignorance. It’s easier to say, “I’m an atheist” than it is to say, “I’ve never looked into it, or ever tried to form a relationship with God”, which is usually the truth behind it. But that’s cool. To each their own. It’s not my job to tell ’em what to believe. And if they don’t like the religious tattoos I have on me, it’s not my problem. Take care.

No, it just reminds us we’re hungry.

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