Do you believe North Korea is in the wrong?

I believe North Korea are kind of in the right, the western media has manipulated the situation to make you think North Korea are completely in the wrong.

North Korea conducted a peaceful satellite launch which the US labelled as a missile test, the US then started military exercises with South Korea which North…

you believe the satellite launch was really for peaceful purposes? some people really are suckers.
the U.S doesn’t go around threatening to nuke other nations on a regular basis.

liberals love to stand up for commies and believe the rubbish the leadership tells them.
do you realize that people die trying to escape from north korea?
in the states, we have people dying trying to get in.
you have been defeated.

Scooter , really? And Iraq attacked Kuwait with what? & then usa did what? I’m wondering how Isreal would favor that? No and that is an absolute “No” as long as thier are threats on the earth i am hoping now we have something that we will negotiate the only method the dictators understand how. With weapons that seems to me that that’s the simplest way they know how The UN? I suppose they are going to think it’s a excellent suggestion however the UN appears to now not care about any dictatorship If Obama was once now not the sort of weenie he would rise up and do with N or S Korea due to the fact they are threatening The first-rate approach to care for them is to inform them “Do you fairly want to do this?” hello Jackie I i know yu like to make fun of persons with disabiities but i am doing the pleasant i will be able to.

I agree Great Britain acted atrociously c.1900 during their colonisation of certain African countries.

However a lot of North Koreans aren’t right in the head, that whole empty hospital thing on panorama last night, where the patients are supposedly treated in the morning and then leave by dinnertime? This aint no damn pharmacy! What is up with that?!

The US think NK are wrong therefore NK are right.

The nature of morality in our World is as such…. pretty much the exact opposite of everything the US stands for..

Before you thumb this down think about it.

US values are…

-Taking from the poor and giving to the rich
-Invading and massacring the helpless on a forum of absolute lies
-Promoting genocide and slavery under the labels of democracy and capitalism
-Systematic theft from other nations dating back to the 1800s

These are not controversies at all but are quite probative facts….

Why do you people always assume it just America?

Other countries such as UK, China, France, Russia all have nuclear weapons technology, but they are also all involved in and follow The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, commonly known as the Non-Proliferation Treaty or NPT, is an international treaty  whose objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament.

North Korea has its own agenda on the use of nukes that many countries disagree with.

Yeah, North Korea is peacfully shelling South Korean ships!

No harm done even with some South Korean fatalities. Do you agree?

I believe you have rose tinted glasses my friend, a county`s first duty is to feed its population and that does not happen in North Korea, they spend their money on armaments instead.

Also they have attacked south Korean naval vessels and shelled South Korean territory with out any provacation

to think about allies for both camp after you can find the wrong side, with south corea enmy of north corea ,and with strategical and geographical conflicts at south west asia area , i imagine a new hiroshima and nagazaki for north corea . americans also may account their dead , it’s war we aren’t at hollywood story.

Ric -correct ! The sheep are following their goose stepping Nuclear leaders -It was hate Libya hate Iaq hate Afghanistan hate Iran……Hitler woul be jealous !———Best wishes

Ok. Lets see how things stand.
One side we have The whole civilised world and United Nations.
The ‘Other’ side we have ‘North Korea’………..Oh and ‘Ric’ ! !

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