Discrimination lawsuits against landlords?? help me?

Well i have filed a lawsuit against with my landlord based on discrimination-sexual advances torward me,lockingme out of my apt,turning off lights on me,throwing away my belongings,backing off on a business deal.

You just have all sorts of complaints.

Discrimination? You need to provide more details.

Sexual advances? They are not illegal, only harassment is and you need to be able to prove that one. That is very hard to prove, but many people make this accusation falsely, so it needs to be proven.

Locked out? You call the police.

Lights? This depends on the situation. Sometimes the power has to be shut down to work on the electical lines.

Throwing away your belongs? It depends on where they were. He can’t enter your apartment and start dumping stuff, but if you leave trash outside it can be thrown out.

Business deal? Unrelated. Not an issue. If you have some signed business contract you can sue for it, but it is not related to your apartment rental.

Actually, what your landlord is doing is criminal.If he locks you out again, I suggest you call the police. He can go to jail for those actions. It isn’t discrimination, but harassment he is doing as well as criminal housing violations. Also, move out. You would be better off.

Frankly, NONE of the items you have mentioned qualify as any sort of discrimination. You may have other legal remedies, depending on the actions the landlord took, but they certainly don’t qualify as discrimination.

What type of help are you seeking here ?

help you with what? You are taking legal action.

That’s nice. What’s your question?

ummm…ok…good job?

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