Besides Sun Signs and accents, what OTHER things do people use to discriminate against you?

For me, on here anyway, it’s my age (42) and my hair color (red). I think people on the internet have some funny ideas about those things….IRL red hair is ridiculously popular and 42 isn’t old at all….

My skin colour.
My ugly face.
How young I look. I look 12-16 depending on individuals opinions. I am 19.
How easily emotional I am…though I’m a pro at hiding it now.
My skin condition
My height, I am short.
My views and opinions on things
My interests (some are ‘manly’ apparently) That’s not stopping me.. I’ll cross Africa like I plan to.
My music taste (which is pointless, cos I like a bit of everything.)

I could go on and on, but I think I’ll stop now.

Hope you had a nice Christmas. 🙂

I think that it can be most effective on yahoo answers that humans discriminate in opposition to someone’s sun signal, it is pretty stupid. It just annoys me but i do not fairly care, they don’t know me as a individual so yeah. I’m a Pisces too.

My small boobs. I a small 34 B cup,,,, some of the B cups don’t fit me, depends on the brand. My Illness I have a bone Marrow disease, and people perceive me as weak because of that. My skin color… I am half Mexican/Indian and came out white looking,, some people have the BIGGEST problem with my white skin for some reason and they care SO much about it.

Oh lord, you shouldn’t worry about those trolls. Your hair is fabulous. Whoopi loves red hair. My best bud shares the colour with you.

Anyway, I like you. You met the great miss Goldberg. I shall keep searching for her. Then I’ll be able to complete my training as a nun. Though I don’t know, about the discriminating thing. I’m just flat out weird.

I know. I just like to rant. I’m sorry. I shall repent.

I’ll answer the question properly… Okay. I suppose my gayness? My friends have always been predominantly female. Guys have never been drawn to me because of my overly effeminate nature, and a lot of people in general whether female or male tend to stay clear.

But hey, ho, not everyone* is limited edition. Better than being batch produce.

I sent you an email, Cutie.

1) My age, I’m 17. I’m supposed to be having wild sex with everybody, do drugs and be obsessed with dating and relationships… not -_-
2) My height, I’m 164cm.
3) My ethnic background

they always prove me wrong and i lose every argument i somehow end up in

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