Agree or disagree: banning gay marriage is discrimination?

Agree. Years ago, interracial marriages were banned. Almost everyone would say that was discrimination. Not allowing two consenting adults to marry because they happen to have a different sexual orientation than the majority is also discrimination.

No one can force anyone to accept it or even like it, but for cryin’ out loud, why can people simply tolerate it? It doesn’t even affect them.

Of course it is discrimination. The problem is that the constitution does not ban all discrimination by using default. Each class must be founded by way of Congress. Frequently it can be for the pleasant, sometimes no longer. When you just banned all age discrimination, you’d be requiring that states challenge driver’s licenses to toddlers. The test of appropriateness for any laws is, is the general public benefited or harmed or neither? And at what cost? It seems that banning gay marriage advantages nobody and would rate the general public cash and manpower to implement.

Agree but you know what I don’t get. What’s wrong with being gay? Love is Love and what is wrong with these people.. It’s their lives not yours.. and this is coming from a straight person. Gay marriage is not disgusting.


Yes, theres no real reason to ban it other than people don’t like it. It’s the same as banning people from dying their hair green, there’s no reason why, they just don’t like it – and that’s hardly a valid reason at all.

Disagree .. It’s Common Sense!




you can disrespect this answer but gay marrige sux just like gay people do. i think they have lost it

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