Will some Hillary supporters support McCain based on policy or emotion?

A vote for McCain as a Hillary supporter is a vote against everything she was and is still fighting for. (Universal Health Care, women’s rights, clean energy, etc.)

It makes me wonder why people were voting for her in the first place…..

Are the HRC for McCain people voting based on issues, or is it…

Not a true Clinton supporter. The true Clinton supporters will vote for Obama but some will stay home and some will vote for Ron Paul. But they will never vote for McCain.

McCain votes against all women’s issues he has for 26 years. McCain isn’t and will never be down the middle. Obama’s and Clinton’s plan’s for this nation are the same. McCain is just like Bush. And yes I know some Clinton
supporters like Ron Paul because he wants to bring home the troops. Not kill our troops like McCain wants to.

New polls today have Obama 48 to McCain 41 that’s a jump up again for Obama just over night.

If you look at both Hillary and Obama experience. There is no way Obama can even come close to what Hillary had to offer. Obama may say a lot and have all these ideas, but i just don’t think when he gets right down to it, he will actually do anything. He flip flops too much and he has questionable friends. McCain has way more experience. You know exactly where McCain stands. He doesn’t change his mind and keeps flip/flopping. Obama will raise taxes and right now with such a fragile economy, it will ruin the United States. You would think he’d realize that. He says that he’ll raise taxes on the rich, well if you tax the companies and the rich, it will trickle down to all the employees. If your company doesn’t have money, do you think you’ll get a raise? No, you’ll probably get laid off.

I think people just are not getting it. It really does not matter what is behind the movement to the Independent party or the fact that McCain will receive many democratic votes but the fact that the movement is significant and real. A majority of the disenfranchised were longtime, established dems, not a part of today’s youth who would be more likely to vote based on emotion and not relevant facts as demonstrated in the primaries. We are the individuals who have supported the party for years not only with our vote but tax dollars as well. I know that I do not wish to pay more taxes to aide another country when there are obvious economic problems within our own country!

If they are basing their decision on policy then they would not vote for John McCain, but if they go with the emotion of the process they will go against Obama

People over the age of 29 are wondering why the Democrats are running a questionable candidate like Barrack Hussein Obama..between the ages of 18-29 Barrack Obama has his strength..and these people are most vocal..but the older groups over 29 years old are more skeptical of the promises of “change” and question how effective the Democrat have been in the past..John McCain is a moderate Republican and that is what most mature people see as the next president.

Senator Clinton was robbed by her own political party and anyone who doesn’t see that is just blind. The Clinton supporters who will now support Senator McCain are doing so in protest and I don’t blame them one bit . A vote against Obama is a vote against the DNC who bought their candidate and cheated to make sure he got the nomination. Senator Clinton is still well liked as she was a really good First Lady and she still carries alot of weight with Americans despite Obama and the DNC’s efforts to discredit her.

Some of the reasons I’m voting for McCain after supporting Hillary is I think Obama is racist, anti-American and that he’ll be controlled by his black liberation handlers.

I just don’t trust him.

Democrats for McCain !!!

I’ll support McCain based on strategy. I will not support Obama in the white house. If McCain wins, in four years we can nominate a decent democrat for the job. A moderate Republican with a Democrate controlled house and senate is better than a racist do-nothing exterme-leftist any day.

The fact is many of her supporters were middle of the road Dem’s. That means they have some Liberal ideals as well as some conservative ideals. Obama is ALL Liberal. So of course they don’t want him in. You are confused if you think there is a strong similarity between Obama supporters and Clinton supporters. For anyone to question their vote would be wrong. I clearly remember Liberal Dem’s insisting that descent is true patriotism. Or is that just when it’s convenient for THEM?

I would love to vote for a Democrat, give me a qualified, moral human being and I will be first in line. McCain is a moderate. Obama is a whack job. Blame yourself not me for leaving us with this choice.

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