I dont even watch/ know anything about/ like soccer, but I do know that USA just beat Mexico! Was that expected, and is anyone else thinking that we have a chance to win a game in the World Cup?

goooooooooooooooooo Germanyyyyyy!!!!

USA no Chance

We were expected to beat Mexico, yes. We have beaten Mexico on US soil for the last 6 or 7 years. However, in Mexico is another thing. The stadium in Mexico, Azteca Stadium, is at an altitude where the air is thin and then there is all that smog from the pollution of Mexico City which keeps players from doing real well, and then there’s the fact that the stadium holds over 100,000 people so they have a real home field advantage. Lately, America has been better than Mexico and it kills them because they’ve almost always been better than us.

As for the next World Cup, we’ve got a great young core of player with experience, we’ve got some good leaders, and we’ve latelt had really good(and bald) goalkeepers. Going into this last world cup, we were actually ranked like 10th in the world, but we just underperformed. We also got cheated out of the Italy and Ghana game and should’ve won both and been in the round of 16. Anyway, we have a good team and should do well in the next world cup. If you’re not a soccer fan, it’s really easy to become one watching USA play Mexico, watching USA in the Gold Cup, and watching any nation play in the World Cup. I can’t watch much soccer, but the World Cup is probably my favorite sporting event after the super bowl and march madness. Enjoy and good question.

To the gentleman above saying we would never beat a proper team, we actually did draw against the World Cup champions, Italy, and we should’ve won the game if they didn’t call Beasley’s assist as being an offside pass.

America has actually been beating Mexico for a long time. I guess we have their number. Crazy things happen in sports. Americans seem to not do well in basketball now. Do you really believe they are not the best team in the world despite that? No, we are still the best in the world in basketball. Other teams might be closer to us. Just like in soccer we are probably catching but to other countries and becoming competitive

well i dono, is beckham amarican now or does he just live there…? .. if beckham is an amarican citizcen and plays for USA then they should do better, but still one player isnt good enough to take one team to the final world cup., teams like brazil, italy, england, germany ect. are way better then USA and always will be… they just beat mexico cuz mexico’s not that good..

Of course the USA can win games in the WC. We already have. It’s just a matter as to how MANY games can we win and how far can we get in the next WC.

i think usa have a chace to win a game in World War

You didn’t score, our [email protected] of a goalie threw the ball in the net. But, yes, it was a goal. Let’s not be arrogant and claim it was a good shot though, we just have a shite keeper playing :O)

I don’t know if it was expected, but I’m sure glad they beat Mexico! Go USA!!!!!

Just wait until they play a proper football team like Brazil or Italy then the only way you yanks will go,go,go is home as stop calling it soccer, its always been football and it always will be football.

world cup’s a long ways away

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