What do you do when the contact that you IM all day long starts talking to someone else??

I usually throw a huge hissy fit and throw stuff at them…..
well not AT them but at the screen

Wow. That’s the ONE?!! A guy who dumped his mother’s son and then dumped wife #2 to hook up with you? Whoever sees that person as the ONE has number after that for brains. Seriously. He tired of you at the same rate he tired of the first two victims. You made him into a dad who paid the bills, took care of everything, while you were just SO happy. He didn’t need that any more. No mystery about why he feels no more spark. Women who act like little girls can be found all over the place. You were not special in any way any more. You are still young enough to think magically. No pixie dust cures a guy doing his third victim. That was you. Get up. Brush off the real dust you’re covered with after this tumble. Recognize bad guys by their past.

You could do a 3-way conference YIM… even with voice ( if all 3 of you have a headset with microphones, so as not to get electronic feedback)

I’m not sure because this has never happened to me, I don’t use IM. I would say either find a new playmate or you could always play with yourself.

Cyber punch the other D-hole who is stealing your contact in the cyber face!

You IM someone else

Arrow in the heart im so lonely

not to be mean.. but go talk to your wife & play with your kids…. I consider that cheating

I dont chat with my contacts. so I dont have that problem.. I bet u felt ………. lol…

I have been there. and know exactly how do u feel… .. stay happy.. ok..

I used to say, “I gotta go, talk to you later”

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