Survey: How many Christians and how many Atheists on Answers?

Let me get one thing straight: I am NOT trying to start a debate or argument of any kind. I am just curious to see what the ratio is. Just simply reply if you are Christian or Atheist.

Atheist right here


a million. in case you’re Christian, what’s your Christian denomination (Baptist, Unitarian, Catholic, etc.) in case you’re atheist, which denomination could you connect in case you had to connect one? In different words, which one makes the main experience out of all the “ridiculous” dominations? Atheist, so none. 2. What u . s . are you from? China 3. what’s your ethnic history? Asian 4. in case you reside interior the U. S., what state are you from? Oklahoma 5. How previous are you? 13 6. what’s your POLITICAL party. nicely, i’m no longer able to vote, yet while i ought to, self sufficient. 5. in case you’re unlikely to respond to the ethnicity area for politically maximum suitable motives do no longer difficulty answering. Thak you.


You can save time by also making a report on how many educated people on R&S. Atheists = educated, Christians = naive + uneducated.

I’m still giving away beanies if anyone is interested.

Agnostic here

Irish Catholic

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