Since god doesn’t talk, why don’t people see that as proof he doesn’t exist?

Like it makes no sense, if anyone went outside right now and said “hi god, how are you today”, they’d hear nothing. Angels don’t seem to talk either. The thing is, if you said unicorn or any other thing, you’d still hear nothing. And this is how it’s ALWAYS been with any god, they never…

God is doing wondrous things, including by people of his choice.
There is no need for conversation, especially with a moron.

And why should any science support your selfish aim to not die?

Elephants being non-omnipresent aren’t excepted to be heard by just going outside. There is proof of their existence. However any and all gods have no physical proof of their existence, and therefore demand some extraordinary proof. Just hearing something talk to you, while the other 1000 peeps heard nothing does not point to god, but schizophrenia. Saying everything cannot come from nothing is not proof of a god, as even nothing contains something. A book written by a bunch of people over centuries, filled with plagiarism with other religions, is not proof of god, its proof of human imagination and self-delusion.

God exists in the mind of the believers and only in their mind. It’s the equivalent of a mind virus that propagates fast, can be past down in generations and causes harm to the organism without it realizing it.

The only thing that makes sense is that the universal laws are created by someone who is not part of the universal system. This means it can not be discovered through science and other universal means. God is the creator not part of the creation chain. We may be able to explain everything through science but no matter what there’s always a dead end and we find ourselves running in circles again. The question is what started it? Something that can be explained scientifically is not what started everything as it is limited to explaining everything within the chain but not beyond.

When I walk outside I can hear Him just fine. In the sunrise, flowers blooming, birds singing and people going all about. I heard Him when I got out of bed and got dressed. He gave me the strength to get up. Because I know that I know if He had not helped me, I would still be in bed. He talks to me through His Holy Spirit by way of my conscience. If God didn’t talk to me I would still be as lost as you are my friend, and I can only pray you learn the truth before you leave this world. May God touch you with His Holy Spirit so you can be lead to His cross and believe. Amen. Philippians2:10,11Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord! Praise God!

You are mistaken. God does speak. The problem is we live in a natural realm and have natural ears. God lives in a spiritual realm and speaks spiritually, so in the natural, we are unable to hear Him through our natural ears.

However, once we are saved, we become spiritual beings ourselves and then we can hear God easily, through His Spirit who then lives in us and by His Word, which is the Living Word of God.

If you do not believe in God Almighty or Jesus Christ you have not heard His voice at any time but those of us who are Christ’s sheep, we hear His voice and no His voice and we won’t listen to the voice of a stranger or one who is not God (John 10: 4,5, 16, and 27).

If you do not have the Spirit of Christ dwelling in you, you are not of Him (Romans 8:9). So if you cannot hear His voice giving you instructions and direction in life, there is something wrong. Check out your salvation.

But that is sheer materialism as it necessitates that whenever even a talking God stopped then deity stops. You lack a mind and mental training.

PS Do you have a mind if you are asleep ?

First of all, there is only ONE God. All religions are only a man-kind set of “rules”; programming God into who they think He should be or what they think God wants us to do in order to “be saved” (typically “earn” ourselves into Heaven; we can’t “earn” our way there). Christianity derives ONLY from believing in the one and only God; beleiving He sent his Son to die on the Cross for us to save us from our sins. Anyway, as to answer your questions: I’m going to first ask you this: How can you scientifically “prove” why all people deal with some situation or another in different ways? See if we can “prove” emotions. How can you scientically prove that? Scientists can prove anything that which is “physical”, YET NOT emotionally or spiritually. Anyone who can “scientifically prove” emotions, are only convinced that their opinions are “proof”. Christians don’t need “proof” that God is real. This is a spiritual belief (derived from our spirits, which don’t have scientific “proof”). We all have a mind, body AND spirit. “Bodily” can be proven (see, touch, feel, hear, smell). “Mindfully”, can be proven by scientists because there might be some people with mental stability and others not; just as there’s some mentally retarded people and some who deal with epilepsy-this can be proven by brain waves (in other words, something again that they can “see or hear, etc.”) “Spiritually” can’t be proven because it is a belief within our souls; what gives us our personalities, the way we “feel” and “believe” inside, etc. We can’t “prove” these feelings; why someone cries over one thing and another one doesn’t. Why emotions affect one person in one way and not the same in another. You can’t touch, hear, see or taste an emotion. However, within our souls, we “feel” it that way. How can we prove where THIS is derived from?” If something makes you sad, how can you “prove” it “scientifically”? Are we all just robots; carrying around, bodily, a programmed computer? How can we “prove” this? So, again, I don’t need “proof” that by me believing in God, that He is real. This derives from my “Spirit”. No one can “prove” where that opinion comes from. I believe it to be the truth. Because I “feel” that He is where this emotion comes from. Most “religions” are derived from false doctrine or self-deception. God speaks through our hearts. You can’t prove that either. Just as when someone might get into a fight and your “emotion” might “tell” you that it is funny. So, you might laugh. Someone else’s “emotion” might be “telling” them that it is sad. You can’t scientifically “prove” that it may be funny or sad, unless you can prove that you’re your own programeed computer just walking around. Opinions aren’t “scientific proof”; yet only mere beliefs. and inner feelings. Why don’t atheists consider these things instead? Do we really belong to ourselves or do we belong to God? Believing in God gives me a sense of “belonging”; a purpose for even being here. If I had no purpose being here, why was I even born? Why not just commit suicide?
Ask yourself why YOU should be here if it’s all really just about yourself? If your answer is because your friends and/or family might “need” you or love you, how can you scientifacally prove why they “feel” that way? Can
you scientifically prove why you “need” them? Scientists can’t “prove” emotions. “Choices” can be proven, yet NOT emotions. So, scientifically prove why you “feel” this way? If you can’t “prove” it, than your’e only putting more faith in yourself than you do God. And yes, God DOES speak to you just as your own beliefs “speak” to you. But, I can’t prove why you “feel” that way scientifically. Someone can tell you they love you…How can your “prove scientifically” that they do?

Scientifically speaking, that isn’t proof of anything except that – if there is a God – he doesn’t talk.

Okay, I’m an atheist and even I know that this is ridiculous. With your analogy, if I walk outside and don’t hear elephants, then they don’t exist?

I don’t see it as proof he doesn’t exist, but I’ve yet to see proof he does exist either.
Obviously, he doesn’t talk, he lets his creations suffer, and believing in him doesn’t make your life much better. So where exactly is the proof?

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