Question for the ladies ttc (personel question)?

Please if you would could you tell me if you have any cm or are you dry a day before you due your period?? ive been trying for 15months now and i cant remember if im usually dry or wet how stupid is that am i losing my memory or what ha ha.. but what i can remember is that i always pray for creamy cm and i had it…

This isn’t going to help, I’m afraid – I just checked my charts (I couldn’t remember either, lol) but I’ve had sticky, creamy, and EWCM the day before my period – no BFPs. This is one of those things that you may not know for sure is a symptom until you do get a BFP.

However, try this website for early pregnancy sypmtoms

Good luck and baby dust 🙂

Hey hun,

Sorry all I can say is I remember getting LOTS of creamy CM when I was pregnant, I used to run to the toilet afraid I was bleeding lots, but it wasn’t.

However saying that, I’ve just had 3 days of lots of creamy CM, and bleeding started last night even though I’m only 8DPO.

So not a clue! Take a test hun? You’re so close with first response it would probably be positive now! 🙂 LET ME KNOW!!! GOOD LUCKxxxx

Hi, I got my BFP yesterday and have creamy CM. More than usual. I usually go dry the day before AF is due. I have lower back ache, nipples are darker, and I get tired easily.
Good luck!!

i had a lot of cm from 7 dpo and i fell pregnant that month..

goodluck honey…

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