Our country…our category?

If we’d like to form a government for our category who u’d vote for?…
1]our president
2)prime minister
3]minister of finance
4]minister of education
5]minister of defence
6]minister of tourism
7]minister of communications
8]minister of transportation
9]minister of sport
10]minister of external…

President/Wise Heart

Prime Minister/Adam

Minister of Finance/Hope

Minister of Education/Ministry of Common Sense

Minister of Defence/Gigi

Minister of Tourism/Sistablu

Minister of Communications/Farah

Minister of Transportation/Psycho

Minister of Sport/Noha and Nada

Minister of External Affairs/Rana

Minister Internal Affairs/Kalooka

Minister of youth/Luv Ruls

1]our president Hope (Sweet and nice but at the same time has a character!)
2)prime minister Zoser (must move to Egypt though!)
3]minister of finance Hasafer (ba7’eeeeeeeeeeeeel! lol)
4]minister of education Msafwat ( mawsoo3a!)
5]minister of defence Officer gigi of course.. who else?!
6]minister of tourism Sistablu (our resident Egyptologist)
7]minister of communications Nada [communicates with “others” through her Q and A! loooooooool ;)]
8]minister of transportation kalooka (blamed me for getting the new car scraped while parked in a side street in Alex cuz I didn’t consult him first! Wareena ba2a hati3mil eh! lol)
9]minister of sport Sweetie (basket ball champ!)
10]minister of external affairs AA without a question!
11]minister internal affairs Little Egyptian princess (She’s a great example of someone who gets along great with all people. She’d make our internal affairs bambi bambi bambi!)
12]minister of youth Rana (3ayila sa7ee7 bas 3asoola!)

I must add Sahar as minister of ilsho2oon iligtima3iya! lol

Having said that, I hereby announce that I’m joining shalfat’s opposition party! Get ready for the attack guys!

Hi ranoush…
you know me from Lebanon category, and I know many of you from there too.
I think egyptian pple is very nice and i love Egypt.
I’ll not tell who can be part of a government here, bcoz I dont know you all enough yet, but if you all agree, I should like to reply some questions here, when I know the reply, of course.
Thank you

Hey there ya Ranoush,

Welcome back, it wasn’t the same without you. xoxo

1]our president————————Zoser (but he has to come and live here in Egypt)
2)prime minister———————–Rana (Combining yr youthfulness with our president’s wisdom i think we’ll be fine)
3]minister of finance——————-Nada (i think she would hold this job perfectly)
4]minister of education—————Msafwat (finally our kids will get to learn and understand better).
5]minister of defense——————Wiseheart (as his name goes he will be he will use both his heart and mind in our defense)
6]minister of tourism—————– Sistablu (she is the best)
7]minister of communications——Farah (nobody else could carry out this tough ministry better than her).
8]minister of transportation—————-Ruby 😉 lol
9]minister of sport—————————–Kaloka (since he is keen on playing sports)
10]minister of external affairs—————Hasafer (Oh my we wud enjoy terrific relations with the outside especially if they r from the opposite gender)
11]minister internal affairs——————-Salah (i think he will do a grand job protecting us and keeping us safe, at least i feel safe when he is around).
12]minister of youth—————————-Noha (i think she would be brilliant in her job with her bubbly spirit and lovely personality).

@Noha and Salah: I really don’t know what to say thank u is not enough for yr kindness.
@Kassandra: Why finance? coz i am a banker? I want to tell u i am the wost person to handle money matters LOL by thks sweetheart.

1 ) wise heart
6) egypty
7) hasafer
8)eman g
9) SWEETY good luck ya 7iaty
10) luv rulz
11) love
12) noha

1) President – WISEHEART
4) Education – Sistablu
5) Defense – Gigi
6) Tourism – Ministry of Common Sense
7) Communications – Farah
10) External Affairs – ME hehehe
11) Internal Affairs – YOU
12) Youth – ?!Love!?

Others I don’t know =0)

Edit: I swear I am NOT mad with you…. is just that I miss talking with you and not seeing you made me sad =0(

1) Our president ………………………. Wiseheart – He is wise
2) Prime minister …………………….. Kalooka – He has a character
3) Minister of finance ………………. hasafer – Hope he will not spend it on dates
4) Minister of education ………….. Msafwat – Who else
5) Minister of defense …………….. Nada – She is tough defending her views
6) Minister of tourism ……………… Sistablu – I learn about Egypt from her
7) Minister of communications … Noha – She says it loud and clear
8) Minister of transportation …….. Ranoush – She use transportation a lot going between Port-Said and Ismailia
9) Minister of sport ………………….. Sweety – She is up to it
10) Minister of external affairs ….. Hope – So we can have eternal peace
11) Minister internal affairs ………. Ruby – So we can have a nice police force at last
12) Minister of youth ………………… Farah – She will take a good care of them cuz she is a nice mom

Since i wasn’t in any of your lists, I’ll go ask help from uncle bush, he’ll overthrow your legitimate government and will put me as a prime president 🙂

I am forming an opposition party, who wants to join??. It will be a much easier job to criticise people and do nothing.


1- Amr Mousa.
6- El Beltagy.

im sorry every one i didnt read the question well …
sorry for that.

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