Odd schizophrenic experience, wanna hear it?

I think that this fits nicely into the religion section don’t you?

This is what happened. A short time before i was run out of my apartment things began to go a little haywire. I spontaneously began divining for awhile. And at one point i did some kind of ritual to draw positive energy out of a pile of…

There was another man I know who said he met Pan.
He wrote a book called “Findhorn”

With Encounters with Pan and the Elemental Kingdoms now available on CD comes the oppourtunity to hear Roc’s experiences in his own words. Originally made for the audiotapes Elemental Kingdom and Conversations with Pan in 1972–74, these fascinating recordings have now been remastered, giving us the chance to share in Roc’s remarkable meetings as he describes his own personal experience of meeting the elementals (or nature spirits) in various parts of Scotland, including his meetings with Pan in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden. Through their conversations Roc begins to understand, respect and love the elemental kingdom, realising that man’s cooperation with nature is vitally important in order to restore balance, wholeness and harmony on Earth.

lost me after 3rd sentence

N O P E –

And I didn’tread you wall of text either.

. . .

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