Name unknown, Number unknown?

What #’s do you have to dial before you call someone so that you show up on there caller id as “Name Unknown, Number Unknown”?

You can’t force that by dialing a code. You get unknown name & number when the call goes through a part of the network that does not provide caller ID information. Some telemarketing companies (both for commercial and non-profit) setup their equipment so that their information doesn’t get sent out to the people they’re calling.

You can do *67 to send blocked or private number.


I’ve had that before, too. Likely, it is (1) bill collector or (2) telemarketer. Don’t worry. Plus, both of the above tend to switch numbers a LOT. Don’t buy into it.

How To Call Someone Unknown

*67 before your number

*67. works everytime =]

the easiest way is to dial *67, it works all the time. Trust me

*67 — —-

There are none.

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