Community College vs University?

So this isn’t a “which is better” kind of discussion. I have a particular situation and I’m trying to decide the best route.

I plan to do nursing with the intention to get a Doctorate of Nursing Practice to become a family nurse practitioner (close to what a family physician is). Although, I…

I’m happy you are pursing such a great career!

First question: Can your community college credits transfer to the university? If so, I would go your first year to the community college doing “gen eds” and work hard on getting great grades, and maybe do some work that will build your nursing school application. At many good public universities, it’s competitive to get into the nursing major. You’ll need to sell yourself. And some nursing schools do not admit you into the major right away, meaning it might not matter if you attend that school or another the first year anyway. So save your money, and don’t worry about another SAT/ACT try. Work with the local community college and your “goal” university to assure your credits will transfer.

So, do a little homework on the public university option and the requirements to get into their nursing school. Ask about their applicant:admit ratio and what year students are usually admitted to the major. Ask if they know about your particularly community college and how those credits might transfer after a year.

The only strong opinion I have is that the private school option is a terrible deal unless they can come up with more scholarship money.

I would make an appointment with a counsellor at a university, and present them a copy of this post. Remember whatever the counsellor says is their opinion based on their personal experience. You may want to get the opinion and input from more than one counsellor.

Good luck. Hope my suggestions are of some help for you. Take care.

What do you want to do?

You need to ask yourself that. Nobody can make this decision for you.

I think you need to factor in all of the options, costs of everything including where you will live.

Go to for clear all kind of confusion about Community College and University.

Get your ASN. Then let your employer pay for your BSN. The you can become a NP.

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