Wrestling section…just wanted to let you know…?

I’m ******* done here…i just got more emails about violations NOT deserved. some of them pertained to some answers i gave last night when i was pissed (and rightfully so btw) which, i manned up and admitted i was a D*ck last night. but i mean really wrestling section?? is THIS a violation???

Question: Who…

I don’t really know if i have answered any of your previous questions or not but I sure as hell know how great of a user you were Big Ran! I respect your decision of leaving because the violations are seriously getting crazy and out of hand. I should know, I’ve had 2 other accounts suspended for no reason at all. I hope the trolls and annoyances haven’t made your time on the WS to unpleasant and I wish you all the best.

You did not deserve the violation from the answer you gave because it was a perfectly normal answer and there is NOTHING at all wrong with it so Yahoo answers staff should be ashamed.

WQ- Yes, it is either so HBK can sneak into the Elimination chamber or possibly even Christian seeing the last episode of ECW is the week before Elimination chamber and Christian came to RAW to check out everything. I think Christian or Shawn Micheals will sneak in in John Morrison’s place to screw someone else in the match. If it’s HBK that gets put in he will screw Undertaker and if Christian gets put in he will probably screw CM Punk or Chris Jericho.

Hope this answer doesn’t get deleted! Farewell Big Ran you are a great user!

– E&C Connection

* I really hope you decide to stay in this section because you are one of the smartest people here. I wouldn’t personally leave over a violation but hey.

Its the internet, chill out and take some valium or something. You say you’re too mature for this bs , if you were then you wouldnt let it bother you in the first place buddy.

Also <3 <3 <3 RKO <3 <3 <3 seems like a chick. I dont really know so dont get offended but i dont think a str8 dude would put hearts around a wrestlers name even if they are your fav. So if you wanna hit on her(him) then PM them.

The violation on the TNA Champ question was stupid, i’ll give you that. Seems like somebody on here has it in for you, brotha.

WA: That’s good insight. You could be right about the Morrison/HBK thing. Although i would like to see Morrison get his shot in the Main Event Elimination Chamber. But if you are right, then I dont know what I’d want to happen with HBK. There’s no point of him facing Undertaker again bc last year was a CLASSIC. Then again maybe HBK winning the World Title would add something extra to the rematch. I would rather see HBK turn heel and fight HHH at WM26. We haven’t seen a heel HBK since his retirement match at WM14 (vs Hogan at SS05 doesn’t count, HBK was screwing around the whole match). So seeing HBK have his first true heel match since his comeback 8 years ago would be pretty awesome. But even that is a stretch.

I don’t think you should leave. You’re a fellow TNA fan, for one. For another, if you get suspended, just keep coming back and make another account. Noone is stopping you from coming here and you have the right to express your views here as much as I do and everyone else here. I think you should stay. You’re one of the few pro-Hogan users that understands what Hogan was all about and aren’t a typical ROH “its all about the workrate in the ring” user. It’s just as much about the entertainment and the storylines as it is the wrestling. Why can’t you nimrods get that?

WQ: It might be. It’s been reported Morrison’s injury was a work. I just don’t want to see HBK as champ again. The established guys like HHH, Taker, and HBK don’t need the belts anymore

I have gotten “violations” with that same “reason”. You’ve seen my answers, do you think I “misuse the format”? I’m number one in this section, number three in the entire sports category, and Yahoo doesn’t listen to me every time, either.

Bottom line, you haven’t been suspended. And you have two choices. You can learn from this that Yahoo Answers ISN’T fair, ignore the BS from now on, ask and answering wrestling questions, don’t argue with other users HERE (do that via email, if you must), and BE the good user you can be.

Or you can let the “haters” run you off. Your choice.

WQ: That is not a far-fetched idea and does make a lot of sense, storyline-wise. But I’ve been hearing some rumblings that Morrison isn’t very happy with his lot in life in the WWE and wants to “pursue other opportunities elsewhere”. Supposedly the rather premature “career retrospective” on DVD coming out next week or so is a “bribe” of sorts to entice him to stay with the WWE. I would think that if Morrison IS wanting out of the WWE, and Vince wants him to stay, taking him out of one big PPV match (and possibly Wrestlemania as well) isn’t the way to make him want to stay. If they were going to take somebody out of the EC match to put Michaels in, I’d think R-Truth would be the one.

Knowing the WWE the way I do, and being such a long-time fan of pro wrestling, my guess is the “injury” was just a way to keep both Morrison and R-Truth from going into the EC match coming off a big loss on TV. Morrison will probably be back on Smackdown next week. Mind you, I don’t read spoilers or go to rumor sites, and I haven’t been to wwe.com, so if the injury IS legitimate, I’ll sound like an idiot. But I think the “injury” was just a way to end the match without a pin or submission, to keep both guys looking strong for the EC match.

It’s up to you whether you leave or not.

Personally, you shouldn’t leave. I got a lot of bullsh*t violations in my time here, and I try to ignore the High School-like drama that comes up here with trolls, Yahoo Feds, and other matters. I know because I have a lot of people that don’t like my answering method, nor my thoughts and opinions, but I stay here, even with the decline of intelligent life on this site, and I just look at this site much less seriously. You should also do the same in my opinion, but that’s up to you to decide.

WQ: Knowing WWE, this is debatable. WWE has been recently twisting plot twists like this up, and it’s best not to take any guesses.

Well to start off with I agree with the babysitter part there are to many “kids” in here tho I usually just read the Q&A’s in here I do answer some and as for the actual question yes I think HBK will take his slot

Man you were a boss, U had good answers nonetheless, sad how disrespectful punks can be on here. This question will most likely be reported to, just sayin. But I wish you good luck man, hope to cross paths with ya some day.

<333RKO<333 im gonna follow ya on twitter :!!

The Undertaker plus Shawn Michaels equals a CLASSIC. You can’t match The Showstopper You can’t stop The Deadman

Sad man, we are lacking in good users and 3 of them are gone. I agree that this place is becoming enbearable, I might be leaving pretty soon too if my friends leave it like Ms Candilicious aka go daddy, ASK HIM, The Clown Prince of Crime, Ryan, Edge and Mickie Rocks and Redhotvixen26. If 3 of them will leave, I’m going out too. This place used to be fun but i looks like Yahoo listens to trolls more. I talked to RKOFan4Life and we might see that profile again here.

Best of luck for future.

WQ: Yes, when the rumours were that R-Truth was going to be replaced, I was pretty sad and then John Morrison got injured, which is pretty sad but its natural.

What a stupid reason to delete an answer Thats sad man I mean like we are losing our users also I am crap at getting best answers
most people are better so why dont you stay I love this section The idiot who deleted ur question
is a SH!T HOLE
WQ:I suppose your right

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