With all these angry Conservative Republicans… Doesn’t it make you feel like Obama is on to something?

The fact that they hate this administration so much only proves to me that we’re doing the right thing. It’s almost refreshing to see. Hate on, Repubs! Obama’s not going anywhere. 🙂

Yes, in a way it does. It has only raised my disgust for their low brow tactics of spreading lies and misinformation that they parrot from the likes of their heroes Rush, Hannity and Beck though, and I really didn’t think that was possible. Obama has stumbled a couple of times, but he is 100 times better than what the alternative would have been.

People generally react negatively to having their freedoms taken away. You could also say that Bush was on to something when people started getting angry at him for all of the executive orders that eliminated our civil liberties. Dream on, comrade. Call us all “haters” as that is a great way to illegitimize the discontent. Simply use a negative term to describe the activity, and repeat. The media does this well.

It’s not just Conservative Reps, but Independants and Blue Dog Dems that aren’t so fond of the Terrorist in Cheif.

Hey, if it makes you angry, then I must be on to something! Cause anger is such a reliable indicator and all. In that case, Obama’s a terrorist, Muslim, Marxist, Socialist, elitist little p*ssant.

So it’s refreshing for you to see the country so divided and the hatred that this administration has caused? It’s refreshing to see people losing faith in their country and refreshing to see elderly people crying for help? You enjoy seeing the unemployment rate go up and the welfare lines get longer? You enjoy big government taking over to a point where the people of this country will no longer have a voice?
How patriotic of you….

We know he is not going anywhere until 2012 where he is going to be hitting the help wanted ads

So to flip the script…does it mean Bush was on to something since so many Limp Wristed NeoLibs hated him…Bush did 8 years…let’s see if Obama can make it through 4 without getting Impeached…

Republicans are just doing what they’re been programmed to do. They’ve been duped into thinking the GOP is protecting them and their interests. They’re manipulated and used.

His problem is the moderates are turning on him too. I think that shows he’s F’in up.

You too should be angry when leftist radicals attempt a marxist coup on your beloved country.


If the conservative wack-jobs are angry…it’s a step in the right direction.

WWCND: What Would a Conservative Not Do.

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