Will the war on Iraq ever end?


After the US leaves, the Iraqis have a civil war that kills lots and lots of people (100,000+), and a new strongman or Theocracy emerges to squash any remaining opposition without mercy.

Then Iraq will be peacefull. Everyone will agree with whoever’s in charge, follow the rules, or be dead. Basically, think Iran Junior.

Germany grew to grow to be a staging section for us, it hasn’t been a conflict for some years so it did quite end. Korea is quite the comparable way even though it does get stressful at situations. Iraq will ultimately end merely like another wars. merely by fact isn’t over in 3 days lazy, impatient human beings start up whining approximately whilst it quite is going to end. it quite is between the main complicated wars we’ve ever been in merely by fact we are coping with a fashion of existence so appreciably diverse from our very own. wait and see. i’ve got been deployed over there a finished of thrice between Iraq and Afghanistan and have seen lots to be hopeful approximately. reliable issues take sacrifice. wait and see.

The war on Iraq will end when there is no war IN Iraq.

Not until the invaders leave. Then a new indigenous group will take over and there will be peace or at least it will start getting more peaceful.

And then they will decide what price they want to sell their oil at and you’ll have to invade again.

Why is it we are there? Why is it people are being slaughtered and sent back in body bags? Why is it people kill? And why in the world would anyone want to free nations that are committed to kill everyone that will not conform to their religion or madness? Why are we doing this ask yourself-when all we really needed to do is kick out illegal aliens and contain Muslims.

nope, we will continue to die there for nothing, when we finally pull out it will get worse, i expect the Iraq military will end up running the country

There is no “Nixon” to hand it off to.

Maybe Henry Kissinger is up for one more major assignment.

The Sunni / Shiite war will never end.

As soon as we realize this, we will leave.

it nvr started for me.
Iraq aint my enemy.

I dont let LYING CHICKENHAWKS choose my enemies.
this war is for fools–by fools.
go get um—FOOLS. hehehehehehe LOL

One day- some day…sure!

yes if god’s will and wisdom prevails

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