Why do people here continue to use the term “true christian”?

What the heck is a “true christian” vs a “christian”? And who are you to make that judgement?

Because there are many people that like to go around saying that they are a Christian, and don’t even know what it means to be a Christian. I was telling a user this very thing the other day, because in his question he was saying that he was a Christian, but at the same time he said that he doesn’t believe anything the Bible says – which is a complete contradiction of terms. There is a marked difference between how a fake Christian acts, and how a “true” Christian acts. Many times what the fakes say is understood as being the standard for all Christians, and is a misrepresentation of God and His true followers.

There are many “professing” believers in the world. An awful lot of people believe they are Christians without having made a personal decision for Jesus Christ. The reasons are multi-facetted, but for many, they believe they are Christians because they grew up in a Christian home. Or they live in a country dominated by Christianity/Catholicism, or simply because they go to church ever week and have the opinion of themselves that they are nice people.

One might DISCERN whether their Christianity is true by looking at the fruit in their lives. We cannot judge, since judging involves the ability to condemn. But in Matthew 7 where we are told not to judge by our own standards, we are also encouraged to know people by the fruit of their lives.

Someone with no good fruit in their life, and yet claims to be a believer, speaks volumes.

The scriptures are faithful to tell us that “faith without works is dead.”

It seems to be a more modern day term. There are so many different Christian affiliations now that have broken away from the mainstream churches, that in order to distinguish themselves apart from others, they like to think they are the ‘True Christians’. That is my understanding. Anyway, who is the judge but the founder of Christianity himself.

I find the term fetus disgusting and a medical attempt to dsensitize and alienate what the “fetus” ACTUALLY is; I thought that was the whole point, if you don’t call it a baby it’s easier to kill it, like a bug.

A true christian strives to follow the teachings of Christ and he taught to love your neighbor as yourself, to bless your enemies and to pray for those who spitefully misuse you. So when Christians on R&S demean and answer questions in a vicious way and then atheists say all christians are rude, ignorant and would like to see all atheists killed (which has been stated), we use the term true christian to explain that true followers of Christ would not behave in this manner as a way of life. We all say things we regret and ask forgiveness but when somone is consistently mean, rude and abrasive, these are not Christian traits nor consistent with the teaching of Christ.

Very frequently around here people ask variations on why do Christians start all the wars or why do Christians ignore the homeless or why do Christians rape children. What’s so wrong with us pointing out that the people who are doing those things are not following the example of Christ? It’s the truth.

Radical Christians are the “true Christians” This is because they feel they are the only ones who can truly understand God’s word. The Bible means everything to them, and if you do NOT agree with them, even if you consider yourself a Christian, you are not a true one. Funny thing is God is the only one to judge that not them so they are betraying their own faith by not letting God judge, whenever their time here is up.

There are some Christians that don’t consider you a “true Christian” unless you go to church every Sunday.

I’m sure there are other things that can keep you from being a “true Christian,” but my take on ANY religion is if you believe in it that is what you are.

Anyone can claim to be a Christian. A “true” Christian lives according to the Spirit and manifests the fruits thereof.

I think many think of true christians as those who strive to live a life like Jesus did, not those who just go to church but don’t truly walk in the light or those who make laws about what other people should do in the name of their lord.


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