Why did so few Senators stand up against the Iraq war in 2002 and 2003?

The Senate in 2002 voted to authorize force against Iraq by a vote of 77 to 23:


Only ONE Republican Senator (Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island) voted against the war, while 29 Democrats also voted FOR…

honestly after 911 fear was power, most felt if they voted against the war their political career would be over.

right wing talk radio fueled much of this, make no mistake the republicans were way powerful at the time, the dixie chicks were banned for a quick statement.

just like blacklisting of the past the dems and republicans had succomed to fear and it took many years until they grew a pair, even john Kerry was tooo coward to speak out.

Have you forgotten9-11, It was a chance to strike back. There was an outside chance that we might be able to place the right people in the right place and get the ones that planned and financed 9-11. It was also a wake up to the Arab world that if you push us the wrong way, we fight.
The problem has and always will be, the exit. We have the best army in the world. we have the best planners. Problem, they fight open warfare, regular army vs regular army. As soon as they fight guerrilla war or covertly. our pentagon is lost. We train, equip,plan for regular warfare, nothing else on a large enough scale. We still don’t understand the people of the middle east and never will.

Read the book that just came out about the special forces team that fought on horse back in Afghanistan. They won the fights with the help of local tribesmen and kicked the Taliban butts. They of course were pulled out by the regular army types. But that is the way to fight back. You blend in and become one with the ones that will help you defeat the enemy.

2003. The such a lot shite dull month of my lifestyles. Keeping one in 2 watches at the Ark Royal, sitting among the Yanks and Iraq ready to offload 4 firms of Royal Marines into the Al Faw peninsula so that they would relaxed the oil fields. Then it used to be a case of patrol a field backward and forward till command made up our minds we would head out of the operational field and stand off for an afternoon or 2… for the period of which I used to be nonetheless watch retaining one in 2… that, for individuals who do not know, is six hours on, six hours off and no days off. I’d been on that bloody send doing that for the reason that it left the UK… 3 months prior. And excited about a struggle no longer one in every of us believed in.

Because UN Like Republicans today Democrats Do support our president . Even a Republican one . And the Bush administration convinced congress and The American people that – first Al Qaeda was there as a base and second that Iraq had Weapons of Mass destruction .
It was only later that the truth came out . And It was a travesty to get us involved .

Believe it or not, at the time everyone believed Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. There are records of many democrats on record talking about it. And plus, 9/11 and the after effects. It’s easy to look back and think maybe its not a good idea, but at the time, it did seem like a good idea.

All the major dems voted for the war, WMD and all, then backpedaled and attempted to rewrite history and blame Bush for everything… a real mob of gutless, spineless cretins… and they wanted to make two of them (Shriallary and John F-ing Kerry) President….

Because Bush and crew created enough false evidence to convince them all that Iraq was a huge threat to our safety and those neighboring countries.

I suspect it seemed like a good idea at the time. People, like cattle. get sometimes stampede. A sudden noise does it to cows, massive propaganda does it to people. If you can make a person believe an absurdity you can get him to commit an atrocity. Something to remember, eh?

Because immediately after 9/11, much of the public was clamoring for ‘justice’. It would have been seemingly political suicide for anyone who voted against the invasion.

I agree. Cowards.

Same reason they are swallowing Obama nonsense now. They want the kick backs from the arms suppliers.

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