Who Is The Mediator For The Great Crowd Of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Since the Watchtower makes it abundantly clear that Jesus is NOT the Mediator between God and any other humans except the remnant of 144,000 anointed class jw’s, who is the mediator for the rest of the 7,000,000 jw’s?

This is a serious question so I would appreciate some actual responses…

Their Mediator is the “Almighty Watchtower”. They must always keep them in mind before anything and be submissive to the organization. The “Almighty Watchtower” Replaces Jesus. They believe that the person of Jesus is DEAD, Forever dead. So how can they believe that he is their Mediator? They also believe that the new Testament is written for the 144,000 and not to all of us. You know I just had a thought. They believe that Jesus is dead and rose a a spirit creature, Michael. So they don’t believe in the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus was not resurrected, he died, dead forever. To have everlasting life they must believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus. If they don’t believe in his resurrection then they are dead in their beliefs.

As the 15 August 1989 Watchtower clearly states, Jesus is the mediator only for the 144,000. Who then, is the mediator for the remaining 99.9% of J.W’s, the ‘great crowd of other sheep’ who are not anointed and who are not in the New Covenant?

1 April 1979 Watchtower, page 31 provides the answer: “The great crowd of other sheep that is forming today is not in that new covenant. However, by their associating with the little flock of those yet in that covenant they come under benefits that flow from the new covenant.”

It is absolutely true that if you are not in the New Covenant (as anointed Christians with a heavenly hope) then Jesus Christ can not be your mediator. That is what the Bible clearly says.

The heresy is in pretending that if you associate with the remnant of the 144,000 you will benefit from the New Covenant. Almost 2,000 years after the New Testament was written it suddenly comes to light that if you belong to an organisation you can be saved by hanging onto the spiritual coat-tails of those who are in the New Covenant.

That is why 99.9% of Jehovah’s Witnesses have no assurance of salvation. They have been denied permission to enter into the New Covenant by an organisation who has made up the conditions for salvation. I guess the Bible simply isn’t good enough for the Governing Body.

The fodder- filled answer given by one “Smiling” JW does nothing to address the question. In more simplified terms, the question is this;

“If Jesus is indeed the mediator between God and ALL of mankind, then why did the JW organization print the following statement, ‘Jesus Christ is not the Mediator between Jehovah God and all mankind. He is the Mediator between his heavenly Father, Jehovah God, and the nation of spiritual Israel, which is limited to only 144,000 members.’ In no uncertain terms, this statement claims that Jesus only mediates for 144,000 individuals. Obviously, mankind consists of many more than that. Therefore, if the statement is true that Jesus is only a mediator for 144,000 people, then who is the mediator for the remainder of mankind? If it is still Jesus, then why state that Jesus only mediates for 144,000?”

Does that make it more clear?

It is times like these that really bring to mind the phrase, “straining out the gnats but gulping down the camel…” and 1Timothy 6:3, 4- “If anyone teaches other doctrine and does not agree with the sound teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and with the teaching that promotes godliness, (4) he is conceited, understanding nothing, but having a sick interest in disputes and arguments over words.”

The Bible says that Jesus is the mediator between man and God. If the Governing Body of JWs want to try to say that the word “mediator” doesn’t really apply to all of mankind, then they are fitting the description of the verses above.

Seriously, I never stop learning something new about this cult everyday. And Chris, above me, saying “You’re not one of us” when he can go to his own Watchtower CD and pull up the very same material you pasted from the CD yourself, and uploaded it to a website where we can all WITNESS the publication printed by the Governing Body. They Watchtowe Society, the Governing Body printed this material of their own free will, yet Chris and Smiling JW will deny their own publication content??

See what I mean, how programmed they are? They see the truth right before their eyes and then find reason to deny it right before their own eyes. Obvious programming cult behavior displayed here.

What you have exposed, questioner, I never thought of, however I am still continuing to learn new lies and hypocrisy about this cult every single day.

They are either blind or willingly stupid. I think it’s a lot of both. Thank you for bringing this outrageousness to the surface. Just more rubbish from the garbage at the society’s headquarters. They are just “businessmen” after all.

Wow, if that doesn’t scream cult, I don’t know what does. To say that Jesus isn’t the mediator of all mankind is denying a fundamental Christian doctrine which is, as you said, that Jesus is the founder and mediator of the new covenant which is for all mankind, not just a few.

I wish JW’s knew that the number 144,000 in Revelations is a symbolic number just as is everything in Revelations. It is 12 X 12. And what is 12 X 12? It is a square. The word “square” is also synonomous with the word “complete”. So God is just saying there that all of Israel will be saved. And speaking of Israel …… if the WT$ is going to take that number literally, then they must also be able to read that these are Jews only! So anyone claiming to be one of this elite group has to be Jewish also.

Great question.

It’s priceless watching the JW’s deny the obvious.

They deny their own beliefs, but refuse to leave.

Sorry I am not knowledgeable of these things but I would sure be disturbed with JW reading what you are saying and thinking they are writing themselves into the only ones saved.

Make this clear: the JW discreet slaves [the governing body] IS THE MEDIATOR. This is the LIE: Jesus Christ of the Bible is just an ordinary guy; it is the so called JW faithful slaves are their Christ that they are referring to. Simply put, JW christ are their governing boards; and there are so many of them.
Why we have to brow beat this matter over and over again when we knew that the JW & NWT is false & a bogus book; translated by unknown authors and NOT even qualified to; meaning uninspired and guided by unholy spirit.

The question is incorrect.

The Great Crowd that the questioner is refering to does not exist until after the tribulation.

“And one of the elders answered, saying to me, These who are clothed with white robes, who are they, and whence came they? And I said to him, My lord, *thou* knowest. And he said to me, These are they who come out of the great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and have made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”

the 144,000 will prophesies the end of the world(n the lines of that)
JW are pretty confused here. Well are all saved through grace, not 144,000 only.

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