Who has a better supporting cast, lebron or kobe?

Lakers have Gasol, Odom, Fisher, Ariza, Farmar, Bynum, Walton, Shannon Brown

Cavs have Ilgauskas, Mo Williams, Delonte West, Varejo, Gibson, Ben Wallace

Who has a better supporting cast, do you think these guys would still perform the way they do if kobe and lebron werent on their team.

Kobe has a way better supporting cast! Gasol was the kobe for memphis, and now he his kobe’s sidekick. Odom could easily put up 18 PPG 9 RPG he he got starter minutes. Bynum is a great young defensive center and getting better, fisher is a veteran who knows how to win, ariza is a great defender and getting better on offense.

LeBron has Mo williams who has clearly been unreliable, Z who is getting old and doesn’t play much D, Ben wallace who is way past his prime, Delonte is same Mo.

See why Kobe’s job is easier?

And no, these players would not perform like this without LeBron or Kobe on the team… Gasol still might perform very well though becasue he’s already proven it with Memphis

Lakers hands down. (Kobe gets 8 mentioned players, Lebron only gets 7)

Odom would be a starter on any other team, yet he comes off the bench.

Ariza, Farmar, and Brown are just starting their careers, and Bynum is a developing big man down low.

Would you really put Z and Gasol in the same league? Bynum and Wallace? Varejo and Odom?

I think the Cavs/Magic game 3 spoke more than enough about Lebron’s supporting cast, we all “Witnessed” the “Chosen One” put up 41, but his supporting cast of players you listed went 16/42 from the field and 12 turnovers.

Kobe has the much better supporting cast. Odom can get 20 rebounds, Ariza is making all the big three’s, and Fisher is known for making the big shots. That, and they know what it takes to get to the Finals.

That being said though, both teams would be no where without Lebron or Kobe.

Lakers Have A Great Supporting Cast

Kobe does, he has Gasol (an all star), Odom who basically averages double doubles in the regular season, and Bynum who was very productive in the regular season. Lebron has Mo williams and thats about it.

For God’s sake… which team made it to the Finals? there is your answer. If the Lakers have been in the East they could have had a extra effectual checklist than the Cavs. The Cavs probable could have have been given previous Orlando in the event that they had Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, or Pau Gasol… that’s how deep the Lakers are.

Lakers have a better team outside of Kobe (mainly Pau) compared to the Cavs outside of Lebron. That is very obvious, and it’s why Lebron scores more than Kobe…because his team sucks.

Kobe has a better supporting cast. Not only does he have a supporting cast, but he has the commissioner and the officials on his side too. As far as if the supporting cast would perform… I think it depends how they are used by their coaches as well.

lakers have a better supporting cast. gasol is so good and mo williams cant make a shot in the playoffs

I think both have excellent supporting cast, but I will go with the Lakers. I probably wouldn’t have in ’08, but this ’09! I fon’t think they are going to perform the same if their star player isn’t on their team. Just look at the Boston Celtics and KG!

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