What is the technological impact of globalisation, especially in europe and Usa?

Globalization has at least two major effects on technology:

1. It helps technologists push forward the cutting edge frontier of technology — this is innovation. When jobs are outsourced to another country, then engineers and programmers are freed up to move up the food chain and do what people in developing nations cannot do — create and invent new technology (you might also say they have to do this to stay employed). This causes a continuous cycle of innovation, and is why the U.S. utterly dominates technology innovation.

2. It pushes down the cost of existing technology, so that it can be more widespread, and more people can benefit from it. Usually the only reason companies outsource is to reduce the cost of labor. This reduces the cost of the products, which speeds up their adoption everywhere.

The outsourcing of labor. Due to technological improvements in communication via web and other systems, we can now have many services performed outside of the building and outside of our country. There are advantages and disadvantages to this process. Obviously it is more efficient, but in the short run there will be the loss of jobs from the U.S. and Europe as these jobs move more toward India.

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