What does it take for you to cut someone off for good? Your Sun, Moon, Venus?

Also houses 7 & 11 please.

BQ: What signs are the people you have cut off permanently?

My problem is I’m very accepting and forgiving and give people WAY too many chances.
I guess after being repeatedly stabbed in the back and taken advantage of does it for me, if I actually loved or liked you in the first place.
A few people I just cut off, because they were very closed minded, sneaky and manipulative. I was never that close with them. I gave them a chance, but it wasn’t hard to cut that person out.
Others I’ve let screw me over and literally treat me like dirt, while still giving them the benefit of the doubt. Every time someone hurts me, I get more and more detached until finally I’m done and I’ll be cordial, but that trust will be gone forever.

The people I’ve cut off are:
A Cancer, Leo, Taurus and a Capricorn.

I have to be scarred emotionally in order to cut someone off, but I often don’t do it willingly. For example, the only person that comes to mind that I have truly “cut off” used to be my best friend. She and I were pretty much our only friends, so when she became depressed and started cutting and starving herself, I couldn’t take it. After months of trying to support her but with no avail, I had to cut off ties with her because it hurt me so deep emotionally. Everything she did from that point on, no matter how stupid, attention-seeking, or self-pitying it was, and it certainly got to that point, I had no emotional rection to.

BQ: The friend is a Libra sun, Gemini moon, Libra mercury, Libra venus, and Virgo mars

Pisces sun
Sagittarius moon
Aquarius venus
Pisces 7H (Sun, Jupiter)
Cancer 11H (Empty)

If they betray me, lie, try constricting me with what I do/ social contacts, & if they’re fake/ attention whores .-.

Pisces Sun & Venus; Moon in Taurus
7th house Leo, 11th house

BQ: Mostly those with the signs of Gemini, Scorpio, Virgo & some Tauruses ~

Being disrespected for the last time in front of other people. I can take a lot, but that would end it for good!

Virgo in 7th house, I think Sagittarius in 11th house.

I’ve cut off plenty of Virgos, as they can be very manipulative and backstabbing at times.

They change completely and they aren’t being themselves…and I’ve tried talking to them about it but they just yell at me or are mean. I’ve had someone I know do a complete 360 on me. I knew them for years and then one day they just became mean and nasty towards everyone. I’m not sure what happened. He’s still like this apparently, to everyone. I tried seeing if anything was wrong but he wouldn’t say anything… boggles my mind …no clue what happened. I cut him off because I don’t want to surround myself with people like that, it brings me down.

Ohh BQ!: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio

Leo sun 2H
Cancer moon 12H
Cancer venus 1H
Capricorn 7H w Saturn in Aquarius 7H
Taurus 11H, no planets

Someone has had to have done something really bad…treat me or family/friends rubbishly, talk behind my back, ruin an event by being miserable, if they are unreasonable or don’t want to communicate with me and lastly if they are fake and ignorant/judgemental.

7th house in Aries and 11th house in Leo.

BQ: for the moment, none. But Cancer and Scorpio can be unreasonable sometimes, but I tolerate them. 😀

Traitor, Liar, Coward, Backstabber, Two-faced and Arrogant.

BQ: I don’t know their sign.

Betrayal is something I will never forgive or forget.

BQ: Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Taurus sun/Venus and Capricorn moon
Aquarius in 7th house, no planets.
Gemini in 11th house, no planets.

if they betray me …..its off for good and if they try to interfere with me …i will get them back twice as bad and them not physcially but psychologically ..

libra sun
sag moon
venus now in scorpio

7th house sagittarius
aries 11 house

i have cut of geminis alot

lol snoopie mad

doesn’t take much at all.. if i feel they’re cramping my style, i ditch them… I’ve cut out a LOT of people.. but I make new friends easily so it’s all good.

7H => Sagittarius..
11H … Aries

people cut out-
a scorpio guy, a cancer guy, a virgo girl, a bunch of cappys, an aries man, a gemini girl.., there’s really no pattern here. there are many more people from all zodiac signs, i’m sure if i listed everyone, I’d have touched upon all 12 of the zodiacs.

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