What do you recommend for everything on 2 female fancy russian dwarf hamsters in 1 cage?

What should i get if i want 1 cage for 2 hamsters, preferably fancy russian dwarf hamsters. I’m getting 1 christmas present this year and it can cost up to 100$, plus extra food and supplies for later through out the animals’ lives. I’m responsible and i have a cat that’s curious, should i get a…

Russian dwarfs are no more likely to bite than other hamsters. It depends on if they were socialized or not. I have had maybe 10 russian dwarfs and they were all very friendly and didn’t bite me once.

The fact that you have a cat does not mean you cannot get a hamster. You just need to get a sturdy cage or put the hamster in a room and keep the door shut.

For a cage you can look on craigslist. There are often cheap tanks. Don’t get anything smaller than a 20 gallon long (not tall). Bin cages are cheap too. Don’t get anything smaller than 360 square inches (you need to measure on the inside of the bottom)
For toys you can make them. Cheaper and much more fun for the hamster. Here are some toys you can try
For food see if there is a feed store near you. They often have cheaper food (make sure its good quality like hazel hamster or carefresh complete). You can get veggies and other fresh foods from the grocery store.
For bedding check a feed store. Same with water bottles, food bowls, wheels etc.

There isn’t much of a difference between males and females. Males are a little lazier but not much.

Do research before getting hamsters. Here is a great website

Please adopt. You can look on petfinder.com and at shelters and rescues.

Russian hamsters DO bite allot! My best friend has one and he bites her several times a day. But my hamster (roborovski) has never bitten me or anyone else. If you haven’t had a hamster before have a Syrian if not you chose which is best for you.

Some cages (toys too) have nice coloured tubes and features that look really pretty. But these are the cages that break easily and are not very good quality (mine has broke more than a couple of times). Your better off buying a simple, spacious cage. Your on a buget to buying two cages isnt good. So get the right cage first.

I would suggest getting two female sisters, my experienced friends (in their 20’s) have them and they always say how lovely and nice they are to eachother.

Russian Dwarfs are mean, they bite, ALOT. I think Chinese Dwarfs are better, they’re very nice and hardly bite, if ever. Boys or girls doesn’t matter, just don’t put a male with a female, they may fight or have babies. As far as toys, all you really NEED, is a chew stick and an exercise wheel, additional toys would be fine also. Buying your hamsters and supplies at PetSmart is a good choice, they sell quality merchandise.

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