What BMW model is good for 16 year old?

Ok im going to be turning 16 next year and I wanted to get a BMW since they are good cars which model is a good one because i’ve been looking at the model 328 and 330 since they have good prices.

don’t get one unless your parents will be paying the repair bills.

2002 3 series $16 to $18,000

Nice car, but the repairs can be very costly.

Unless you are going to be working a job that is going to be getting you at least 13 dollars an hour or your parents are going to be ecstaticly agreeing to pitching in for the payments, I think it would be better if you got something that was more affordable.

But hey like I said if you can afford it, then don’t listen to my bogus opinion.

Driving a POS and learning to be happy with what you have builds character. No BMW is good for any 16 year old. Hell No BMW is any good for anyone. Make sure you keep your bus pass cuz you’ll need it.

None, a semi-powerful RWD German sports sedan will probably have you killing yourself in 6 months.

[Edit: BMW = Bavarian(an area of Germany) Motor Works. They are headquartered in Munich Germany. They do own some British companies(Mini and Rolls-Royce).

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bmw ]

i would look at the 330i or 328….BMW are good cars, one of the safest out there……..not all teen drivers are reckless and irresponsible

Try a 2008 m3.

bmw is to expensive and nice for a first car, you wouldnt be able to handle the car.

if i were you and i had the money to buy something like a bmw id rather buy a new vDub GTI or a Scion tC.

such good cars.

Kid…you’re getting a 1982 Ford Escort. Sorry to disappoint.
And to Chad…a BMW is not a german car…it is British (BMW = British Motor Works)

get a cts

BMWs suck, they are just overweighted pieces of junk.

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