What actions by a politician belonging to your political party anger you?

Forget this last election and go back to basic running of government. Basically if you are a Republican/Democrat what action repeatedly taken by a member or members of your party angers you. Be imaginative.

If you’re Republican don’t go right for an obvious answer like: supporting Obama’s…

The thing about my party that really ticks me off is the fact that they say that they are Conservative but some of them are as liberal as the people on the other side. If you are liberal say it if not don’t do it. As far as the Republicans attacking please even the totally left MSNBC has found that Republicans were attacked more often than Democrats.

Republicans should stop attacking everyone who is sometimes critical of them, like the media, the courts, educational insitutions, etc.

Democrats should grow spines and learn to use the negotiation techniques that the Republicans use so well against them.

Although I have an obvious leaning, I don’t have a party so I had to answer for both or be left out.

Party line votes, block voting. It takes away my republic when my rep (Dem or Rep) vote how the party leader TELLS him/her to vote and not what is best for our district/state!
I have lost my representative form of government when the two party system started! Think about it!

Marion Barry, democratic mayor of Washington DC, who not only were given stuck smoking crack and putting with low lifes in the course of the first time period of mayor , then, were given elected back after his shame (despite the undeniable fact that crack became created through the white devil, so he’s forgiven through the liberal community). the full remark about Marion Barry became his vow to take cocaine off the streets of Washington, one “8-ball”, at a time.

I am a Republican and it upsets me that Bush is thinking about giving a portion of the 700 billion bailout money to the big 3 automakers.

I am an independent but i lean towards democrats but i am open to voting for Republican however the biggest disappointment i had in the past was Bush incompetency to lead this country
I had so much expectations from him but he disappointed me

I thought President Clinton was a good President, but his support of NAFTA really upset me.

I voted for Obama, but he tried to buy his Senate seat from Blagojevich for a friend….that angers me.

Bush and McCain’s support for amnesty last year.

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