Was Hillary’s win in Texas caused by Republicans voting against Obama?

Rush Limbard, on his radio talk show begged Republicans to Vote for Hillary because he thought she was easier to beat in the presidental Election. Many Texas Republicans say they voted for Hillary. Is that right?

Possibly. In Wisconsin, where I live, a lot of the Republicans voted for Obama just to try to get rid of Hillary.

Rush Limbaugh may have little to do with it. The thing is and people should have figured out by now the Elite chooses the presidential nominess not the people. Hillary has attended Bilderberg a secretive group of Elites that is why she won Texas and will win the Democratic nomination. Also in Harris county Texas which is where Houston is voters where turned away yesterday and not allowed to vote. This is because of the major black population there and major Obama support. Here is an article on the scam

Investigation Launched Into Vote Stealing in Texas

It’s possible, but that race had been tight for the past few weeks, and it came out very tight.

But on the Republican side Huckabee was making strides to catch up to McCain in Texas and was unable come close to the polling data.

So if some Republicans did vote in the Democratic primary, then many more Democrats and Independents voted or McCain to offset the influence of evangelicals, which BTW voted for McCain more than they were expected to. So probably not many Republicans voted for Hillary.

That could make sense since Hillary is a Republican in Democrat clothing! It makes sense why she switched parties years ago since she planned to run for President in the future and she would never have a chance of the Republican party nominating her – she would only have a chance if she were a Dem. She is a crafty one!

Hillary won the primary vote, but Obama won the delegate count in Texas, and that’s what they’re both after, delegates.

I was listening to talk radio this morning and very many Texas Republicans called in to say they voted for Hillary.
I think Rush’s trick worked; I don’t think this was right though. It was a mean, capitalist trick which can backfire.

NO. Exit polls show that Republican cross-over vote went almost 2 to 1 to Obama. So that blows that theory out of the water. Hillary “won” because she carried her base – old white women, blue-collar whites, hispanics.

Peace to you.

Yea! The well oiled Republican machine is running well! Now McCain is getting an endorsment from GW!!!

Thanks Rush!!!

Yes, just as it was the liberals that crossed over early in the campaign to vot McCain. Payback is a *****

No I live in texas Republicans voted Obama

SENIOR MEXICANS caused the Obama Loss
YOUNG mexicans voted OBAMA

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