Should senior citizens give up lawn mowing?

“Lawnmower injuries increase with age, with peaks in persons older than 59 years.” The study of such accidents in 2004, found senior citizens 60 to 69 had the most push mover injuries and those 70 and older had the most riding mower injuries. From Senior.Com

Just when I thought of buying a new mower…

Well, you know me….I believe all seniors ought to not only give up lawn mowing….but also their houses, yards and all that stuff…..and move to very much smaller quarters with absolutely no clutter….and spend all that time they have been spending with their stuff out with their friends, family and having a life away from home.

I used to love puttering around in the yard….now I do the same sort of puttering in the Spring & summer at a community garden I and a few others set up to teach the neighborhood children how to garden & grow food.

If you want to spend what little time you have left on earth doing things like mowing grass, I say have at it ….just be careful!

I think it all depends on the condition of the mower and the condition of the mower! The actual equipment needs to be easy enough to use so that it doesn’t cause a lot of stress on the person mowing. The person mowing should be in good physical condition. My mother in law is 81 and mows with her new riding mower and trims with a push mower. She is in good physical shape and does a good job. She also splits wood. We can’t be there all the time for her, and she refuses to live by us anywhere so not much we can do to help. Ornery little woman!

I would like nothing more but because of lack of extra money I must keep mowing my own lawn. So far, knocking on wood, at well over 60 plus I have avoided injury accidents with push mowers.

Not necessarily all senior citizens should give up lawn mowing… I am over 60 years old and I am not incompetent nor dead yet… My health is good and I do not have any prescription medicines to take because I learned a long time ago to use common sense whenever I do things.

Make sure you drink plenty of water at all times; especially before you mow your lawn during warmer weather. Do your lawn care during the cooler hours of your day… Don’t be too proud to take breaks during your lawn care work… Pace your work carefully and take advantage of the good exercise that you get while doing your lawn care…

My dad refuses to stop mowing the grass and just turned 87 yesterday. He uses a push mower. My brother comes over to dad’s and they share the mowing, dad doing the small front lawn, and my brother the larger area in the backyard. He isn’t ready to give up his independence. There are times when he will cut it before my brother gets a chance to help him, but most times, they cut it together. When the heat gets to be too much, my brother does it all for him, but to dad, it is important to him to still remain active. Perhaps he is an exception to the rule at his age, but by staying active, it helps him to remain physically and mentally healthy. I think as long as a person is in decent health, and strong enough to do so, there is no reason to not, along with having safety in mind.

I know many people 85 + still mowing their lawn. I mow several lawns. I suppose that would depend on the person, but if someone can’t handle the lawn mower, then they shouldn’t be driving a car.
Go for it Daisymae, You feel like you can do it.

Everyone should give up lawn mowing. God makes grass grow to the correct height, then it stops. All mowing does is waste gas and pollute the air.

Any study from Senior dot COM is likely to be a bogus report designed to fool some guy’s wife.

You know that can be Uncle was using the riding mower once and for the last time..he had a heart attack while mowing and fell off the mower and the mower ran over his arm and he died..there was no one around so it was too late..I think if they have someone around while mowing, it would be okay..but if the person would mow when it not so darn hot they would be okay..unfortunately it was toooo hot for my Uncle..=(

People in their 60s had the highest injury rate for push mowers, while those 70 and older had the highest injury rate for riding mowers.

However, kids younger than 15 also had a “substantial” injury rate, Costilla and Bishai write.



Oh no ,not unless they are senile or crippled with athritis . Seniors probably have the most injuries as they are probably the highest amount of people to cut the grass. Do you see many young working people cut the grass many let it get so long they probably cut the grass once to a senior doing it 3 times in the same period. great excercise just be careful.

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