Republicans: How much longer do I have to wait for Obama to take my guns away?

I was told in 2008 that Obama was going to take my guns away and ammo would be unaffordable and my favorite cigs would be no more. Am I going to have to give Republicans more time and vote for Obama again?

Do you remember when you kept calling the Republicans the “PARTY OF NO”

They prevented congress from passing any of the legislation that would do this and be sure there was a bill that would have required the cost of ammunition prices to increase as well as to stop purchases over the Internet.

Your favorite cigs, how much are you paying for a pack NOW?

When I was in the Army, a carton of Camel non-filters was $3.50 or $0.35 a pack today they are $7.00 a pack.

Let me guess, you are in your early 30’s. No wonder you are a liberal you are not making any money and think that people that have it should give it to others. Wait until you are in your mid 40’s when you enter your peak earning years and see if you feel the same way.

My oldest son (36) was pretty liberal but the past couple of years of making more than $100,000 a year has changed his mind.

According to Obama he wanted to have serial numbers placed on each bullet but the manufacturers would have had to retool all of their equipment to do it. Therefor Obama DID want to control it to a degree.

Ever go out to buy ammo lately ? You’re limited to quantity which is why most of us will go to 3 different stores to get it instead of just going to one.

Also note that the government and Law Enforcement have been able to buy vast quantities of the more regular caliber thus limiting the amount a citizen can buy.

He doesn’t have to go after the second amendment…he just ends up controlling the amount of ammunition on the open market.

There is a thorn in Obama’s side; the second amendment and a relatively healthy republic. Thats the only thing stopping him though.

Don’t ever hand over your guns to Obama. He is more dangerous than Osama ever was. Wolves in sheeps clothing never deserve our cooperation. Hold onto your guns and protect yourselves at all costs from this man’s evil parasitic government.

Not to worry.

Of course any act of self defense on your part will be met with the charging of a crime.

More then one way to nullify the 2nd amendment.

Well right now he is concentrating on reelection and would never get it if he took the guns. You guys don’t give him much credit for brains do you? If you reelect him then we’ll start seeing the real heinous shyt.

Right after Obama ends all the wars he promised.

Your cigarettes and your ammo are more expensive than they were three years ago, and you know it.

Obama’s not going to take your guns away; I think he wants you to have them so he’ll have an excuse to yell “he’s coming right at us!” And you know what happens immediately thereafter.

If BO wins the next election he will push for gun control because he will have nothing to lose.

Americans were born with guns and will die with guns!

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