OH NO ! I Think Im Falling For Another Girl, And Losing Love For My Girlfriend ! :( HELP ME PLEASE ! HELP !?

He, well….me and my girlfrien have been together for 5 months, and we are both in love with each other, and we are in a LONG DISTANCE RELANTIONSHIP, and we are going good at the moment, and now we BOTH have 2 weeks off our schools, (we are teenagers) and i didnt get to talk to her in a while, so then my friend…

Are you and your girl going to be in the long distance relationship for a long time? if so i don’t know wat to tell you. But if you guys are going to be together soon wait for her you just miss bein with her and stuff that’s why you think your loosing intrest.
[Talking from experience]

Okay for starters Your Young…You know feelings come and go this and your long distance relationship probably won’t last you know. *I’m being really honest and sometimes the truth hurts* Well its all virtual so I don’t know how you would honestly make this work out. IMVU is virtual the girl really doesn’t know you that well to fall inlove all is virtual so I suggest for you to calm down about it. Because your stressing yourself for no reason. Long Distance Don’t last that long unless you guys are really serious its just 5months just wait till things happen. Don’t worry those are just butterfly feelings. Hopefully will go away.

Figure out a way to spend more time with your current GF.

From the sounds of it, that other girl just wants to be a friend of yours and nothing else. If she was truly into you, then she would be all over you, flirting, and everything. Obviously, she’s not doing that.

I think if you continue to pursue this other girl then:

1.) You my friend are going to screw your current relationship
2.) That other girl will probably refuse to go out with you because she does not like you like that.

Don’t listen to what people say…calling you “love birds” and what not. People are so full of bull and always on the lookout to start drama with people. Don’t let your environment consume you dude.

Just be calm, and spend more time talking to your current GF if you truly love her that much. But if you have lost feelings for your GF then you better hope that the other girl likes you…otherwise…you are going to get stuck in the ‘single’ category pretty soon.

That’s all I have to say.

Only read the title, and it’s perfectly natural dude. You got for who you like, one day you’ll find someone you like sooo much than drop what you’ve got for something better. It’s kind of like driving an AMG 550 mercedes then passing a ferrari and hes offereing a trade…I mean common man.

So fall for somebody else. I had lots of boyfriends before I got married. It’s part of growing up. And it’s how you learn to make a wise decision before you marry and settle down with just one.

compare, and whichever makes you happier, go with her.
but i wouldnt recommend this online, long distance crap, 95% of the time it isnt going to work out.

dude witch girls hotter your girlfriend or the new chick? thats the one you should date

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