NHL Stanley Cup Finals: Game 7 Who Wins?

I live in michigan and going 2 the game i want the wings but im freaking out what if they lose

so i need ur help by cing who will win?

Wings or Pens?

Pens. Wings are beat, old, tired. Pens are young, excited, and physical. Going to be a good game, but Pen’s are going to show up tonight. No game 5 repeats. They were embarrassed, and now theyre going to play to make up for it.

The Pens are coming back this year for revenge and not only to win the game but also to break that record of no team won on away ice in Stanley Cup game since like 1971.

i think the wings will win! i love the wings. ill cry if the lose no joke.
im so worried about the game i thought it was on last night and i was looking for it freaking out because i couldnt find it and its on tonight yay

and i did cry when the lost.

Penguins. 5-2.

3-1 Penguins.

The team that scores more goals.

Could this question possibly be asked more than it is?

wings will win it all no doubts

the team with the most goals will win


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