Is Scorpio really the worst sign of the Zodiac? Relationship between…?

I’m not really comfortable with astrology.
Well, I am a Scorpio and I realized that people call my sign the worst sign of the Zodiac.
And it seems like I am surrounded by Sagittarius people. My sister and my crush are Sagittarius. I also have another crush who is a Leo. Then I read about the relationships…

No way, I have a soft spot for Scorps and connect really well with them on an emotional level. To me, the worst signs of the zodiac are probably Libra and Capricorn. Libra men seem to be total players, and Capricorns just don’t seem to have that much going for them, kinda dull (no offense if you are either of these signs, I’m only going by those I know).

Excuse me ty, Scorpios do not end up alone and can get along with people. I am a Scorpio and i have been in a successful relationship with a Taurus man for over 6 years. We are now engaged and are perfectly happy thank you very much!

I like Scorpio as its deep strong sign.

Am a sagittarius; and I love Scorpios. But you can’t deny it, you are very difficult people to deal with. It’s funny how you say that most people around you are Sagittarius. Technically, these two signs are not supossed t get along, but I realized a lot of Sagittarius and Scorpios together. Don’t worry, you are not the worst sign, you are the stronger and one of the sexiest.!

They are not the worst, but are by far the most complicated and intriguing. Many find them a challenge and try to figure them out. Some get the sting when things don’t go right and give Scorpio’s a bad name. I myself had a long term relationship with one, and he turned out to be unfaithful but I will not hold it against all Scorpio’s. A Scorpio’s best match is Cancer tied with Pisces. Cancer’s although emotional can be very funny, positive, uplifting people. But you can also get on with the earth signs as well. It won’t get far with a fire sign or air sign. But I think you have a better chance with an fire sign than a air sign.

I love Scorpios. My girlfriend is a Scorpio and I’m an Aries, they say they are very incompatible but we make it work =) Scorpios are just very misunderstood I think.

I’m a scorpio too. See if you think about it we are the best in many different areas. We also can use our weaknesses as advantages. Per say a Taurus. Her friends want her to start smoking, but her natural stubbornness tells her no. She’ll never give in. We are the most emotional lovers there are. This though can lead us to be more heart broken, but if we can control our feelings we will have the upper hand always. We do have the strongest disadvantages in the zodiac (in my opinion), but they can be easily turned into advantages. For example I’m going to end up dating a Taurus, but her stubbornness presents a challenge and I love a good challenge. So it pushes my “emotions” to extremes and that’s what I’m best at.


They have a bad reputation, however Scorpio’s are actually very emotional people- when they open up to you.If it ever happens. A lot do end up alone because they are very hard to please. But they are the most sexual sign too =)

no theyre not the worst
theres good and bad to every sign

they match well with cancers and pisces

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