Is it safe to travel to Egypt as an Israeli?

I’m from Israel and only have an Israeli passport (no dual citizenship with the U.S.) and I wanted to visit Egypt with some friends from school just to see historic sites and other attractions. Is it safe for Israelis to travel with an Israeli passport to Egypt? How can I be safe there?


As far as I know it should be perfectly ok, so long as you are sensible about it. Israel – although not best buddies with egypt – isnt at war with them, and as far as I know there are no issues with israelis going in or out of that country.

As im sure you are probably used to- be prepared for a fair bit of interrogation on both sides… israeli officials will want to know what you are going there for … ie NOT drugs, etc … and egyptial officials the same..

– dress modestly – long skirts, tops etc
– dont wander round anywhere on your own
– as some one said – dont scream to the whole country that you are an israeli jew.

– as far as i know egypt is a fairly moderate islamic country – with the same mix of religious and secular types that you would get in israel…

to be honest – until you open your mouth – its most likely that youll blend right in – a lot of israelis dont look too differant from arabs – unless you are blantantly ashkenazi with blond or ginger hair or somethign…

– if you stick to guided tours, and dont go smoking drugs, or into dark, dubious looking streets , shops or bars , you should be fine…

why dont you ask your school for advice ?

Get your visa before you come. You can get it at the Egypt Embassy in Israel. When you arrive at the Cairo airport you have a different terminal then the other flights. When you get into the country don’t mention Israel to any locals because some of them fill strongly about Israel. It is fine to ride in a taxi to your hotel. I would recommend leaving in the day because coming to Egypt at night for the first time is a little scary. When you leave the Cairo Airport you have to go through the City of the Dead and it would freak out new people at night. You’ll be all right if you don’t speak Hebrew and don’t mention Israel. The pyramids are less then a 30min drive from Cairo. It is safe you ride in a taxi but, don’t pay over 60 egypt pounds for the ride there. Also don’t pay more then 30 egypt pounds from the airport to the hotel. It is pretty safe in Egypt. I would suggest going with a tour group to make it less stressful.

i’m from Egypt ..don’t worry it’s safe ..thousands of Israeli tourists visit Egypt every year ..just if you decided to blend in with the public don’t mention that you’re Israeli ..

Just don’t say that you’re an israeli. Israelis are hated there even if there’s a peace treaty, israelis are still hated.

It’s not really safe to travel anywhere in the Middle East as an Israeli. Most of the peace loving Arabs also love killing Jews.

Yes, they won’t bother you. Nobody will know you’re Israeli unless you tell them. Officials who check your passport aren’t going to yell it from the rooftops.

Go on an arraigned tour. Stay in groups and do not go off the beaten path. It is generally safe. 8>}

sam-s is right we are sematic, we share our great grand father Abraham… cousins..
also the butterfly is pretty right too about almost every thing he said,
and there are more Israelis in Taba , than Egyptians..
stick to a guided tour u’ll be fine.. speaking of experience,cause i’m a , tour guide myself and had many in my tours. see u

obviously what do u think there gonna do shoot you because your israeli

I don’t think it’s safe because when you cross the border they see where you came from unless you have another citizenship so you can use your different passport.

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