Is it just me or the “report” button changed into “report abuse” button……?

…..Has it always been like that?

ahh you are right, i didnt even notice…

I suppose thats better, as it now suggests you should report abuse, rather then just reporting “it” because you dont like the answer.
Maybe we will get less violations?!?

I never report people, but my best friend has been reported like 3 times(by the same person) just because they didn’t like her. How rude! But I’m a good girl, so I don’t report people(It’s just the way they are) And I do think reporting should be made public for everyone to see. It’s a fight to see who’s good and who’s evil!!!

Mine says report abuse and I think you are right, it has changed!!!

I have report abuse, i never used to notice it before

the ones who has report abuse buttons are the ones who have been reporting violations. the ones who has report it buttons are the ones who haven’t reported any.

Mine says report it,

Mine says “Report It”

Hey your sharp today, mine says report abuse too, never even noticed it.

It may just be you because I only get Report It also. Has it changed in shape or color. If you find it doesn’t work you may want to contact yahoo.

Mine just says “report it.”

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