Is It A Fact That Guys Find Very Thin(Almost Anorexic) Girls Pretty?

I’m an anorexic girl,but i’m not that bad….i weigh 30 something kilos(don’t worry,i’m only 14)….I just want to know what guys think of girls like me.I want to be a model like Kate Moss and I have a few friends on yahoo that feel the same way.Please answer.

some do, some don’t. I guess it depends on personal preferences.
I think skinny girls are more attractive though x

It’s not skinny that guys are attracted to its being toned. It’s in everyone’s DNA to find someone who is healthy much much more attractive than a person who is overweight. I mean don’t get me wrong some extra padding is okay but when it hangs over the waistline you probably shouldn’t wear a belly shirt. At the same time opposite as well. If your ribs are showing like you haven’t been fed in a couple weeks then you probably should work on that as well. If you have a hard problem with food, then marijuana *i don’t wanna be that guy* but it does give you an appetite. It’s used medicinally for that now a days. But at the same time you need to eat healthy and you still need fats and sugars and what not to gain weight and muscle. Megan Fox and Jessica Alba are hot becuase they have muscle and low fat % the right amount. Now Angelina Jolie aside from having lips the size of a blue whale is far too skinny.

No. The fact is men like healthy looking and feminine women and women like healthy looking masculine man. That is natural instinct. Having anorexia WILL NOT make you look any attractive than a overweight person. Be smart and get help. But if you want to live your entire life looking like the walking dead go on. Do you know how Kate Moss (who is probably thinner than a starving child in Africa) is so thin? She is drug addict (so was Angelina Jolie) and she doesn’t eat. She takes pills and throws up anytime she eats something. If you keep starving you won’t look good (if that’s what only matters to you) and you will be so unhealthy that you won’t be able to do ANY physical activity or live like a normal person. You will have the risk of dying and you will be extremely unhealthy. Get help. If you want to live your only life as someone who has only her weight to worry about I’ll pity you. There are better things to do and see in this world. Don’t waste your youth on stupid things like this. Also trying to look like a starving person is disrespectful. Think about all those people in this world praying to god they’ll have half a bread loaf to eat for dinner. They would love to be in your place and be able to get actual food and water. They would be happy to swap places with you and be able to eat the food you push away just so you will have a “thigh gap” or have your ribs showing. This is not healthy, not smart, is disrespectful and also unattractive. Be smart and get help.

I think the bigger issue here is that YOU HAVE AN EATING DISORDER. It doesn’t matter how the world sees you when you are battling a sickness inside. I can guarantee that no one will find you attractive when you’re a rotting corpse. Not eating a healthy diet will age you, possibly kill you, and looking unhealthy will not get you hired.
Also, in my experience, most guys like a healthy girl with curves.
Please, have a sandwich!

I am not trying to be rude or anything. But most guys view anorexic girls as a bad thing. I perks ally think that it is disgusting when one can see the gap inbetween the legs, because they are too skinny. And no guy likes to see your ribs. In my personal opinion, girls with a bit more flesh and curves are way more attractive than twigs.

30 something kilos is so thin, like 70ish pounds, for a 14 year old.
Let’s just say that guys take notice in OTHER aspects of a girl’s body besides how thin she is.
they biologically like CURVES
if you are too thin, you would only look like teenage or preteen boys. most teenage guys are not attracted to preteen boys. most guys are attracted to girls with feminine curves, girls who have breasts and asses while not being overweight.
let’s just say its a very thin woman up against an average, 130 pound woman with curves. they’ll be into the curves, no doubt, they are wired to be attracted to them.
undoubtedly, kate moss is extremely and unnaturally thin. i guess it’s just a choice between thin, “modelesque” teenage boy looks (which do not attract guys) or femininity.

its not that attractive. Im pretty sure its not just me but i take care of my body really well and i expect a woman to do the same whether its not being over weight or being so skinny that you look like your gonna break if some one hits you.

you are really young and underweight
you should not care about being too thin
if you paid attention to fashion shows like victoria’s secret’s shows then you would see that the models are not underweight but at a good wieght for their age and height
they have nice HEALTHY figures and at 14 you should not weigh around 65 pounds that is really dangeous
eat right and stay healthy
P.S. guys like healthy girls so get healthy please

Guys do NOT like anorexic women. Guys like women that don’t look like they’re about to break in half, and you’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

That’s really smart to starve yourself… You parents did a great job raising you. But you can’t possibly weigh 66 lbs, you’d be dead.

Definately not a fact. Women as skinny as Kate Moss are unattractive.

One of my close guy friends was telling me how he was turned off by really skinny girls, he says he likes them with shape and to look healthy and not like skeletons.

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