Is Disney Channel so in love with itself that they can’t play episodes for the holidays anymore?

I meant Disney shows, not movies. 😛

I watch Disney Channel because I like to watch shows that relate to the holiday of the month.

I stopped watching Disney after i watched the first episode of Hannah Montana the day it aired.
But i hella agree w/ you, i miss the old shows and especially Mickey Mouse Cartoons- they were hella cute!
I wish they’d go back to the way they were, but they never will so we’re just gonna have to ignore Disney and deal.
They play new shows cause kids now have nooo clue wtf Even Stevens &Lizzie McGuire are.
I had too many haha.

Hell’s yeah The generic Jet Jackson, Even Stevens, clever guy and The Jersey governed! that’s occurring with the capacity Rangers and Pokemon too. the unique capacity Rangers have been the wonderful, “that’s morphin’ time!”, lol. Pokemon became so user-friendly yet now there is over 4 hundred of them, how is Ash ever going to trap all of them. i’m sorry, this became approximately Disney Channel in spite of the incontrovertible fact that that’s have been given me thinking how television and how that’s replaced so dramatically, and additionally how’s it is going to be ten years from now. i’m perplexed.

…I could have sworn I was watching Disney a few hours ago and they were playing Christmastime with Eloise.

edit: They’re playing the Santa Clause in like an hour or two.

I think Disney’s got it right with not pouring all this Christmas stuff down our throats. :/

And stop watching Disney if you hate it so much.
ABC Family, Cartoon Network, etc…are playing Christmas things.

I guess you haven’t seen the mornings with Playhouse Disney today.

it was so annoying with the christmas songs i was about to shoot myself.

why do you watch disney channel then?


well that is disney u cant get mad at them

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