Im having trouble getting over my broken engagement, advice? Outsiders perspective?

I met him at a church function my last two weeks at school, he was 22 at the time turning 23 and I was 27. Probably would’ve been the first red flag. He told me of some troubles he had been through in the recent past where he had dated a guy because he was lost and feeling lonely and I told him a bit of my…

Uh, the age difference would be the red flag over the gay dating????
You don’t actually KNOW a person enough to trust them for a life partner until at least one year has passed and you’ve been around them a LOT. My own experience is 2 years to get to really know a man. At least this nut-bag showed himself after 2 minutes.
What you did wrong was to just go along with it when there were immediate enormous BRIGHT RED FLAGS.
Stop the feeling guilty, stop thinking about him and his family. Move the heck on. There’s no hurry. Why jump in so fast…are you desperate??? This looks like you were desperate for ANYone. Stop that!!
The Lord BTW, does NOT talk to this guy. He would never put you with him, if only you’d listened to Him talking to YOU!! Talk to your pastor or someone about this. You need to do some work on yourself before you trust your judgment in a partner again. MEAN is never a good sign. You need sign reading lessons, woman!!!!
Now, go have a positive life that you don’t feel like [email protected] about.

Red flag #1: 22/23 years old and lives with his parents
Red flag #2: No job
Red flag #3: Issues with adult responsibilities
Red flag #4: Momma’s boy on the serious side
Red flag #5: Engaged too fast
Red flag #6: Insecure
The list can go on and on…

The relationship wouldn’t work out because his mom would be interfering when she shouldn’t be. He’s obviously not ready for marriage and he never loved you. Move on and learn from this experience.

The way I see it ….you should not feel guilty at all…you should feel “LIBERATED” and
should be super happy that you got off “finally” of that “sickening” relationship .. and also the way
I see it is that you regained your “intelligence” for if you were still with that guy and accepting / taking
all crap from him and his family…on my book you would be the dumbest girl ever I had ever known about.,,,, good to know that you on your “intelligent” self now!!!….like that you way much better!!

this guy sounds psycho

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